How your muscles keep you young and smart

Mar 17, 2023

Many people do not realize that muscle tone and strength determine your appearance and brain power, especially as you age.  There are 3 types of muscle amongst the 640 muscles.  Most of your muscles are involuntary, meaning you have no control over their contractions.  While the muscles that help with movement are voluntary.  

Three important things help your muscles stay in good condition: flexibility, strength, and endurance.  The endurance is created by increased mitochondria numbers and happens when you use your muscles more.  

Studies show that your muscle condition dictates how your brain functions.  Learn what you can do to help improve your mental sharpness.

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Standout Quotes :



  • "Muscles require use and movement in order to stay in excellent condition. It’s important for your brain health."


  • "Your voluntary muscles are the ones that help you create movement, walking, running, writing, speaking or painting.  These are what you need to keep your circulation going for optimal brain function and health."
  • "The heart muscle, or the cardiac muscle, which is the densest in muscle fiber and the strongest, beats all the time while you're alive.  It is like no other muscle in the body and it’s involuntary."
  • "The voluntary muscles are the ones that you can control with your conscious mind.  Your subconscious controls the rest."
  • "A lack of emotional support can cause you to stop moving as much.  When you support yourself, it can work wonders."
  • "Right posture, holding your shoulders back and keeping your chest open and upright, lowers the stress in your body."
  • "Studies show that the people that had the best cognitive abilities are those that had the best hand grip strength."
  • "Good posture helps you maintain good balance and engages your core.  Longevity and good posture go hand in hand."