Free Resources for creating slideshows and brief videos

Jul 20, 2022

When you are just starting your business, free resources are essential.  In this article/broadcast, you’ll discover where you can create your presentation slides for free, including creating brief videos to help attract your ideal clients. You’ll also hear a bit about email management.  I invite you to a free live training on the three steps to fill your (free) appointment calendar as a healer, so you can support yourself and your family and still have time off, go to:   

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Canva at 

More free resources to help you grow your business on and offline.

 You’ve already learned about where to get free images, where you can use those images and where to edit for free. And a little about your CRM or customer relationship management system, which is an email system to stay connected to your audience. You heard a little about creating your videos for free, like using and using your free appointment link. 

The topic of this broadcast is where you can create your presentation slides for free, including creating brief videos. You’ll also hear a bit about email management. 

Free resources are so helpful, because when you're just starting a business, you have a limited budget.  You may have invested in a couple of courses or hired a coach, leaving you with fewer funds.  In my own courses, I like to talk about where you can get started at low cost.  Then you can  grow into a more complex tool if needed.   

For example, if you're going to blog, rather than using a WordPress blog, like, you can use all-in-one platforms instead. Three platforms are great for healers.  Two you can get started for free, then either upgrade or eventually transfer them over to a different platform. 

The reason I recommend platforms rather than your own self-hosted website like is because they manage the traffic (speed and bandwidth), they manage the security,  so you don't get hacked as easily as on a WordPress site.  And it uses a consistent system for all parts of the platform.

The two that are free, that I've mentioned before, are Groove and And the links are below. And once you start graduating into paid programs, one of my absolute favorites is 

Where can you get your techie stuff done at low cost?

First, you can get low cost work done at I have used them to great success. I've used them for editing, I've used them for creating images and cartoons and things like that. There’s a huge variety of vendors offering all sorts of services.   

Fiverr used to be $5 for whatever job you needed.  Now $5 will be the beginning price for a small service. For example, it would be $5 for editing a two-minute video. And then the costs as the time increases.  They might also transcribe,  create images for a campaign, or any one of  an amazing assortment of jobs. 

Another place is  oDesk or, similar to fiverr, but with a different assortment of jobs. And if you want to hire, for example, a virtual assistant you can go to And there you have to pay a fee to look for people, but you can find some very reasonably priced 10 to $15 an hour for well-trained professionals. 

If you are hiring a virtual assistant, create a brief video, one to two minute minutes for each job you want them to do.   Keep them in an online folder, like what you’d find on a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. This way, you have a way of onboarding anyone new.  You can also write up the SOP or standard operating procedure with pictures.  

This is really helpful for having a resource for an assistant to go and double check how to do everything.   I have a trained assistant trained through 123employee, I have her for two hours a day. 

And she takes care of the details of my putting up three videos a week, she does a series of editing, and posting and all of that.  I have videos for each step of the way for each task I want her to do. And this is really helpful. 

And of course, it sounds overwhelming. But anytime you do something for yourself for the umpteenth time, just do a video of it, and then talk it through while you're in the video. Now you’ve created a library of tasks.

This library is also for you.  Let's say you went on and created something, and then you didn't do it for six months.   You will have a video of how you did it yourself, to remind you so you don’t have to relearn everything from scratch.

Use your slides to create a talk outline

If you wanted to create an instructional video, you could put down bullet points in a presentation program.  You could then use to record a video, then download it to your computer.  The easy way to sound natural is just to go through the slides.  You can even share them.  

When I was away from my home here, instead of your usual nice room background, you can use Zoom to replace your background.  For example, when I was visiting my son, I didn't have a clear space.  Behind me were a bunch of open closets, it didn't look very good. And it was the only place I could go where my grandchildren wouldn't disturb me. 

I wanted to create a one-hour video and used other backgrounds.  As long as your face is well lit.  You can even download images of nice rooms to use. 

Another nice thing about zoom,is your ability to put a different background behind you very easily. You can also share your slides on the video and run through the video for teaching purposes. If I wanted to, I could share slides of showing resources with all the links, for example. 

There are apps that allow you to create a set of slides for free. 

If you wanted to use PowerPoint and didn't want to own PowerPoint, you can go online for free.   I have a Mac and I have no need to own PowerPoint unless I’m collaborating with someone.  Microsoft has a workspace that allows you to use their office apps for free. 

Another free resource is Keynote.  If you have a Mac, you own Keynote: I really love Keynote.  It's really easy to use for me, because it coordinates really well with Pages, which is Macs version of Word  and Numbers, which is Macs version of Excel. 

Another great place to go to create slides is on Google Docs, which is also free. With every gmail account, you get 15 GB free disc space.  So Google Docs has a presentation software. It’s not as user-friendly, but it is also great for collaboration and sharing.  

There is another place that you probably wouldn't have thought of, and that's Canva. I just discovered this today.  It has two things that you can do for free. 

You can create a slideshow on Canva. Some of the people that I work with use Canva slides almost exclusively. You can create a full presentation in Canva. 

Canva has a huge variety of beautiful images you can use.  You can edit the images really easily, so you can make the presentation compelling.  There are gorgeous slide show templates that you can use. 

Another thing that Canva does is it allows you to create video. 

Canva has free video templates and free video clips that you can insert, and then you can do a voice-over, so you can talk about your topic. 

I intend to use it because the video clips you have access to within Canva make it very simple. Let's say you want to create a little 30-sec commercial, you could use their video clips.  You could do a voice-over on it, put some music in the background, and then download it from Canva in the format that you need. And use it for your commercials. 

Those are your tips for free resources today.  

If you don’t have time to do all this work, you can hire people for little.  Remember the gig economy.  Using vendors on, or to get small jobs done quickly.   If you need designs, for example, you can go to 99 So you can get your cards, book cover or logo, etc., designed for $99. After you submit your job, vendors submit their designs to you and you pick from them.  

There's where you can find very reasonably priced people based in the Philippines to assist you in whatever it is you need doing.  For example, virtual assistants and so forth. 

I also mentioned free resources for creating slides for presentations, and ways to do videos quickly.  You can choose Powerpoint for your PC, Keynote for your Mac, and Microsoft or Google for free online resources.  

You can get your business started without spending 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars.
Standout Quotes:

  • "If you're going to blog about your healing business, rather than using a self-hosted WordPress blog, use an all in one platform instead for better website security and speed."
  • "Tips for your healing business, when you hire a virtual assistant, make sure you have a list of procedures and/or training videos to help onboard them."  
  • "If the day to day tasks of your healing business get overwhelming for you, hire a virtual assistant." 
  • "If you don’t want to show your face in your videos, you can create slide presentations for free." 
  • "Creating a video library of how you do certain tasks helps your assistant but it also helps you remember how to do it."  
  • "Consider this: You can outsource many of the online tasks for little money.  Your time as a healer is better spent doing something in your zone of genius."