How Managing Energy Flow Into & Out of You Helps You Become Unstoppable

Jan 21, 2022

Have you ever encountered someone, whether you know them or not, that just makes you feel totally depleted? How about someone that boosts your energy and mood? These are examples of having your personal frequencies or energies mix, either destructively or constructively.

As healers (or highly sensitive people), controlling the flow of energy into and out of you allows you to end your day on a high note, meaning you feel as great at the end of the day as you did in the beginning.

As a healer or coach that works with energy, you’ll find you can help more people and go more places, rather than needing to be a recluse. This is common with introverts. I’m an extreme introvert: learning this was paramount for me to be able to improve my income and my relationships.

The science of wave interaction

First, let’s talk about the science of how energies interact with one another. Usually, you're vibrating at a particular frequency; propagating through space at a particular wavelength, frequency and amplitude. 

When you encounter somebody else who has a slightly different frequency, the two waves mix when you interact with them. This mixture of waves may happen inside of you or the other party. 

The scientific term for mixing of waves is interference, an admixture of frequencies. For example, if you are looking at the waveform of a recording of your voice, you can see all these jagged wave forms. What you are looking at is the combination of all the frequencies that are coming out of your mouth at the same time. 

Interference happens when waves collide

This combination of frequencies - interference, can affect you when you have a great number of waves mixing together. If you don't clean your energy from the intereference , you will end up depleted. I know this because I have spent years frustrated with this very phenomenon. Early in life, I intuitively learned how to protect myself by shutting myself off.

But shutting myself off this way didn't allow me to interact with others very well. That is the bane of an introvert. I'm highly introverted, meaning that I am affected by other people's energies more intensely. I will tend to withdraw. That's just part of a personality and not a flaw.

My definition of introversion and extroversion goes as follows: An extrovert loves to be around other people because they're energized by it. And an introvert can love to be around other people but they need time in between to recoup their energy. Other people's energy can draw us down.

For example, I remember the first time I taught physics to a big classroom of 200 students. After an hour of teaching, it took me four hours to recover afterwards. I just sat in my office with my head on my desk completely wiped out. I remember thinking about how I was going to manage an entire semester like this, teaching four days a week. 

I had to learn something really fast by recalling a lot of my energy healing training. Which brings us to the two essential ways to manage your energy. One exercise was creating a protective energy shield around myself. I imagined a blue shield around me. In physics, a blue filter will filter out all of the low frequency vibrations and allow only the high frequency vibrations to pass through.

When I started doing this every time I gave a lecture, I did not collect the low energy from all of the students. I only received the high frequency waves. I'm sure you know how students sit in the back and they'll make mean comments like the professor not explaining that right, instead confusing them. 

It's not your fault right when people blame you for what happens. It's really not your fault even though you might take the responsibility, you’re just sucking up all those energies. By creating this imaginary blue shield, you can help keep yourself clean of harmful energies.

That's the first step to managing your flow. 

The energy hygiene process to keep you feeling unstoppable.

But what if you do get contaminated? You might be thinking that you're stuck with it. 

Energy hygiene has two components.  

  • protection 
  • cleansing. 

Unfortunately, those of us that are energy sensitive and also healers are open to other energies around us. This allows you to feel what's going on around you. It's not that you do it on purpose, it’s just an efficient way to interact with your environment: Always probing.

This happens, especially if you've come from a dysfunctional family like I have. When I was younger, my mom was easily angered and she scared me a lot. For instance, she would come in my room to chastise me for something, yell at me, leave the room, then get more and more furious. She'd come back in the room and yell at me some more, repeating this pattern until she was spent.

This behavior really depleted my energy, and I had to learn how to protect myself. One of the harmful things to do is to shut off feelings. I did that and later I had to learn how to open them up again. 

Thus, in a dysfunctional environment, you learn how to probe all the time. Probing things like, “what's mom thinking now? What's she doing now? What does her face look like? And what's the tone of her voice?”

This is how you become extremely sensitive to what's going on around you. The probing is part of opening up your field to assess your environment. But probing allows the low frequency energy to come in as well  and affect you adversely. 

There must be a second process to relieve you of the contamination after using protection. Once foreign energies are in your field and body, admixing or interfering with one another, and lowering your frequency, the next step is a release process. 

This is started by grounding. A grounding cord is sent down from the base of your spine into the earth but also anchors up the spirit by sending a line of energy up to the spirit. The line upwards allows high frequency energy helps wash the low energy out by letting go of whatever feelings got riled up during this process. 

We can then be at peace right. You as a healer know that you’re just the instrument, and not the “healer,” meaning that if you are helping other people and the healing comes through you, it's not of you. 

In summary, controlling energy flow is a two-step process

The first step is creating a barrier, more so like a filter that allows the good energy to come in. This shield protects you, and repels the low frequencies.

The second step is releasing it once you've gotten it. During the process of releasing it, it's no longer in you. Your frequencies are nice and clean again. You go back to calm instead of riled up.

In my experience, when anybody was angry or frustrated around me, I could feel it on my skin. It created a sensation of itching powder on me. I get a different sensation when somebody is fearful around me. I can feel my heart clenching and a clenching feeling in my stomach. It knots up as if I'm feeling their fear. 

I use this as a way to probe in my healing process. I just probe momentarily and then set it to release instantly. This way I know what's going on with other people. It's really a two-edged sword if I absorb too much. Managing that flow of energy is really important. 

In summary, managing your energy has two steps. One is to shield and the other is to clean up. There's many more ways to protect and release.  Watch for future broadcasts and articles.


Episode Timeline:

[02:35] Interference - Admixture of Frequency
[04:05] Definition of Introversion and Extroversion
[05:04] Creating a shield around yourself
[06:07] You can become ontaminated by different energies
[07:56] Learning how to probe quickly is helpful in dealing with a dysfunctional environment.
[08:38] The Release Process to clean the low energies out.
[09:14] You are only the instrument. You are not the healer
[11:11] The two-step process to manage the energy coming in and out of you

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