5 Steps to Keeping Your Skin Looking Fresh and Young

Mar 16, 2023

Your habits, diet, and daily practices can make you look old before your time.  Stress is a big problem for many of us, but your daily habits, including supplements and a good diet, can bring you back to a more youthful state.  People will rave about how young you look, much younger than your true age.  Follow these five steps, starting with one you can stick to first, and build up from there.  

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Standout Quotes : 

  • "If your skin is sagging and dull out the outside, it is also how your internal organs appear. "
  • "Sleep before midnight is when you get your deepest sleep.  This is the most replenishing time for rest."
  • "To help your skin look its best, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, avoid alcohol and don’t smoke. "
  • "For most people, dairy products tend to make your skin lose its vibrancy and look dull. "
  • "Microcurrent skin thereapy helps your skin heal and look younger.  It can also help muscle spasm."
  • "Your body needs adequate good quality collagen to maintain a youthful state."
  • "Your bone infrastructure is collagen.  Your bones become brittle when they lose collagen integrity. "