Is a Self-hosted Website Right for Your Healing Business

Sep 05, 2022

As a healer, you don’t always need a website.  But if you do, you have a wide variety of choices for creating, hosting, and client attraction.  In this broadcast, I’m talking about a self-hosted website, meaning it is on a platform like and hosted on a platform.    I invite you to a free live training on the three steps to fill your (free) appointment calendar FAST so you can support yourself and your family and still have time off, go to:  

Standout Quotes:

  • "A self-hosted website, such as one built with, has a great deal of flexibility but may be too complex for a healing business."
  • "A self-hosted website has a great deal of flexibility compared to a platform website." 
  • "A disadvantage of a self-hosted website is that WordPress websites are favorite hacking targets, requiring a security plug-in or paid security services."
  • "WordPress websites (self-hosted) often require a number of plug-ins or add ons to help customize your site to do what you want.  While flexible, it can be complex."
  • "An advantage of self-hosted websites is that they are less expensive but more difficult to use."  
  • "A disadvantage of self-hosted websites for your healing business is that sometimes, depending on your hosting package, they end up slow." 


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