The Immune System: Exploring the Connection Between Healing Ability and Your Immunity

May 31, 2023

The immune system is a vital and intricate part of your overall well-being, playing a significant role in keeping you healthy. By understanding its key components and embracing a lifestyle that supports its optimal function, you can magnify your healing ability and lead a healthier, happier life. In this broadcast, we'll explore the marvel of white blood cells, learn how nurturing your immune system through a healthy lifestyle contributes to your well-being, and delve into the importance of the mind-body connection in immune health.


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Bolster Your Immune System and Improve Your Healing Abilities: A Comprehensive Guide for Healers, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive People



Hello, healers, empaths, and highly sensitive people! Today, we're going to talk about your immune system. Given the impact of COVID and the ever-changing landscape of viruses, it is essential to bolster your immune system. Beyond this, there are other benefits that come with improving your immune system, such as enhancing your healing abilities and sensitivity to your environment. As an expert in vibrational and quantum physics and a former physics professor, Anastasia recovered from a severe illness using energy healing and now helps other healers to grow their practices using a simple yet powerful three-step system. Let's dive into how you can strengthen your immune system and improve your healing abilities.

Section 1: Understanding Your Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for detoxing your body, identifying and reacting to any pathogens and toxins, and differentiating between what is you and what is not. The immune system comprises white blood cells, phagocytes, and leukocytes, which work together to clear out biological toxins and invaders.

Section 2: The Role of White Blood Cells

White blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and spleen and are responsible for searching for pathogens and toxins in your body. They distinguish between what is you and what is not and react accordingly. Leukocytes and phagocytes are the two types of white blood cells, with leukocytes going on a search-and-destroy mission and phagocytes surrounding and consuming foreign invaders.

Section 3: Nourishing and Nurturing Your Immune System

Nourishing and nurturing your immune system are critical to improving your healing abilities and sensitivity to your environment. The gut is part of your immune system, and you must take care of it by avoiding toxic substances such as drugs and preservatives. Additionally, a quick three-day detox can help improve your skin, eye color, and overall health.


Your immune system plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. By bolstering your immune system, you can improve your healing abilities, sensitivity to your environment, and overall health. Nourishing and nurturing your immune system are essential steps towards achieving optimal health. Remember to take care of your gut as it is part of your immune system and prone to autoimmune disorders. By following these steps, you can become a healthier and more effective healer.


Standout Quotes:

  • "Your best defense against viruses and bacteria is bolstering your immune system. The bonus is your healing abilities will strengthen and improve. "
  • "Your immune system patrols your body for pathogens and it reacts by neutralizing them in various ways.  Getting to sleep well before midnight aids in this process. " 
  • "Phagocytes, certain white blood cells, surround pathogens, isolate them from your blood then consume them.  Good nutrition and rest help replenish them. "
  • "Drink plenty of enough water to help wash out any of the toxins to aid the kidneys and the bladder in secreting all of the pathogens and toxins that are harming you. "
  • "It’s important to keep your immune system health because of the way COVID has affected us. New viruses are showing up that can create a new pandemic. "
  • "Toxins block your intuition, your ability to read your environment, and your sensitivity. Detoxing your immune system really improves your healing skills. "


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