How will you deliver your healing sessions and more to make your clients feel cared for.

May 03, 2022

Defining how you are going to deliver your healing services and what else is included in their investment with you will make your offering unique and give it clarity.  This will allow your healing client to feel cared for as well as feel they are getting exactly what they need to overcome their personal health, wealth and relationship challenges.  

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Standout Quotes:

  • "How are you going to deliver your services: Make up your mind on the process so your clients feel confident of you and well cared for."
  • "Set up your calendar to support you."
  • "Having a well-defined calendar allows your clients to feel secure because they know when you’re available."
  • "On your calendar, schedule YOUR time first, for your morning rituals or time off, for example."
  • "To help your clients feel well-taken care of, what kind of supplementary material can you offer them? These are things that help support and expedite their healing."


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