Rewriting Energetic Contract and Agreements to Keep Your Relationships Fresh and Healthy

Apr 03, 2023

 In the first few moments of meeting someone, you form the rules of engagement.  They are based on past behavior and experiences with someone of similar personality.  These rules are what I call energetic contracts and agreements.  You can heal the unhealthy toxic behavior you have with others, especially if it feels that you can’t stop an unhealthy cycle.  

This is important because your healthy relationships parallel your success in life.  Stopping the unhealthy often compelling behavior often means rewriting toxic rules of engagement or energetic contracts/ agreements with them. Get a free energy healing program at

Transform Your Relationships: The Power of Contracts and Agreements

Relationships are essential to your well-being and happiness, according to an 85-year-long research project conducted by Harvard University. Yet, forming healthy relationships can be difficult, especially if you've had negative experiences in the past. In this article, we will explore the power of contracts and agreements in relationships, and how they can affect your life.

Understanding Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and agreements are the rules of engagement you have with others. They are formed based on your experiences and the dysfunctional relationships you may have had with your parents. These agreements can be positive or negative, but they ultimately affect how you interact with others in the future.

Breaking Unhealthy Contracts and Agreements

If you have unhealthy contracts and agreements with others, it's essential to break them. By rewriting these agreements,you can create new, healthy rules of engagement. This can be done through energy healing, such as clearing your energy fields and cutting cords with negative people. By doing so, you can change the trajectory of your relationships, and ultimately, your life.

Transforming Your Relationships

By transforming your contracts and agreements, you can change your relationships for the better. Susan, for example, had been angry at her father for 40 years. After an energy healing session, she found that she no longer felt angry towards him, and her business grew by 30% in just one month. Similarly, two sisters who had been at odds for years were able to reconcile after a relationship healing session. These transformations show the power of clearing our energy fields and rewriting our contracts and agreements.


Your relationships are crucial to your well-being, and the power of contracts and agreements cannot be overlooked. By understanding and transforming your contracts and agreements, you can create healthy relationships and live your best life. If you're struggling in your relationships, consider seeking the help of an energy healer or relationship coach to transform your contracts and agreements.


Standout Quotes : 


  • "When you form contracts and agreements with other people, they are based on relationships that you have with your parents and what your parents have with each other. "
  • "Instead of being in an adversarial relationship, as many are, being in a healthy relationship, means you negotiate with one another, you’re content with one another and you support one another."
  • "Energetic contracts and agreements are your rules of engagement with that person. Those rules of engagement may not be healthy for you, but it is what you used to survive when you were little."
  • 'When you have an unhealthy connection with others, you wear the low vibe all over you.  It's like you've sprayed repellent all over you, repelling the very people you want to attract in your life."
  • "Clearing up unhealthy rules of engagement has improved the income of several people that have received this healing."


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