Keeping Your Relationships Healthy with Healthy Energy Cording

Mar 30, 2023

Energy cording can be either healthy or unhealthy.  All humans are corded to one another through their hearts exchanging unconditional love for one another.  When someone around you becomes needy and feels depleted, they may reach out and cord to you mainly through one of your chakras or energy portals.  

The cording can deplete your energy and affect your health, wealth and happiness adversely.  You can protect yourself from unwanted cording and keep your energy clear of interference from other people’s energy.

Of the 14 ways you connect energetically with others, energy cording is significant.  It can create chaos and unhappiness in your body.  Discover how to keep you clear of other cords.

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Protecting Your Energy with Healthy Cording: The Key to Healing and Thriving in Relationships

The energy we exchange with others plays a significant role in our well-being, and it's crucial to protect ourselves from negative influences. Research has shown that relationships are the number one factor in our health, happiness, wealth, and longevity. However, not all connections are beneficial, and we need to understand how to safeguard our energy to prevent depletion and illness.

There are 11 to 14 ways we connect energetically with other people, with cording being the most powerful one. Cording is a line of energy that connects us to others, usually through the chakras, which are energy portals in our bodies. We can send a cord from our solar plexus to somebody else's solar plexus, heart, or throat, creating profound connections. However, if someone is drawing energy from our chakras, we may feel depleted and exhausted.

To protect ourselves, we can take some simple steps, such as starting our day with deep breathing and drinking two glasses of water. A salt shower can also help absorb low energy vibrations and cleanse our aura. We can release cords by imagining them as electrical cords with two or three prongs going into a receptacle and pulling them out or chopping 123 and letting them go.

We are born with a heart-to-heart connection that cannot be destroyed because it represents unconditional love.  However, unhealthy cords can drain our vitality and limit our potential. It's essential to release all unhealthy cords except the one that gives and helps us receive unconditional love through our hearts. We can't always prevent others from cording to us, but we can choose not to engage in unhealthy connections.

By protecting our energy, we can approach others with clarity and compassion, and our relationships will be cleaner and more fulfilling. We won't have to carry other people's energy around or have them drain our vitality. It's time to take charge of our energy and thrive in our relationships.


Standout Quotes:

  • "People are often unhappy because they don't have the relationship they want or need. "
  • "When you clear other people’s energy off by taking a salt shower after being around them all day, you will feel more refreshed in the morning."
  • "Clearing yourself of other people’s energy will help you thrive. "
  • "Energy cords that give and receive unconditional love to and from others can never be severed. "
  • "The most powerful way that we exchange energy with other people is through cording. "
  • "Cords that create dependencies on other people’s energy should be released often. "
  • "To release other people’s cords, you can imagine them like electrical cords with the two prongs or the three prongs going into a receptacle.  Pull them out and drop them deep into the Earth."
  • "An 85-year-long Harvard study of people have shown that their relationships were the most important factor in determining their health and well-being."


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