How to make your meals healthier for you and your families

Dec 22, 2022

Food isn’t just about the calories or nutrients found in it.  The value of it also has to do with its life force energy or frequency.  It has to do with whether there’s a death energy on it, like a pesticide or medication, or what’s left after it’s been highly processed with other chemicals.  Listen in to make great decisions on how to create a nourishing meal and even raise the frequency of your favorites. 


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Standout Quotes:


  • "When you eat something, it’s not just the calories or nutrition in the food, it's really the life force energy of the food that you're eating."
  • "Food that has been grown conventionally using chemical fertilizers and insecticides has a death energy in it and on it.  It has a lower life force energy."
  • "No amount of washing insecticides off your produce can wash away the death energy.  You can transform that death energy with healing."
  • "The extra cost of organic food is worth it.  What you put in your body is going to help you last longer and be healthier in the long run. "
  • "The highest frequency food is raw organic produce, especially when it’s home grown."


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