Your Nervous System Keeps You Safe-3 Tips for Keeping it Healthy

Mar 20, 2023

Your nervous system connects you to your environment, providing you with protection and safety, as well as enjoyment.  It is an unusual system in that it is fed by 5 of your seven main energy portals or chakras.  It contains 90 thousand miles of nerves and your brain.  It also governs your five senses and your clair- senses.  Discover how to keep it in excellent shape as you age.

There are three things you can do to prevent nerve degeneration, such as neuropathy, as well as keep  you in a parasympathetic nervous system longer to keep you healing and healthy.  Listen in to learn how.

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Standout Quotes : 

  • "When you are stressed, your chakras close down and block healing energy into your body."
  • "Your senses, part of your nervous system, allow you to interact with your environment.  They are important for your protection."
  • "Your root portal or chakra feeds all the systems in your body, including your nervous system.  "
  • "Studies show keeping your blood sugar stable can keep your nerves in good shape."
  • "Keep your chakras or energy portals open by imagining that open up like the iris of an eye to let the warmth and healing light in."
  • "When your stress goes up, you are being pumped full of cortisol and adrenaline, which raises your blood pressure, for example."