Healing Tips for Keeping Your Circulatory System Young and Flexible

Mar 29, 2023

Your blood vessels send nutrients to your whole body and carry waste off.  They operate in a closed system of 100,000 miles of 5 layered tubes.  These tubes have muscles and function in different ways.  Find out what keeps them flexible and youthful to keep you functioning for years to come.  

Avoid dysfunction, such as hardening, clogging, and high blood pressure that can shorten your lifespan or make the time you have left unpleasant and painful.  

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Tips for Caring and Healing Your Blood Vessels

Today’s topic is about taking care of your circulatory system so you can be healthy for years to come.  Your blood vessels play a vital role in your health, and taking care of them is crucial.

Your blood vessels are amazingly complex.   Did you know that you have 100,000 miles of blood vessels in your body? That's 40% of the distance to the moon or going around the Earth four times! But blood vessels are not just passive tubes. There are five different types, and except for capillaries, they have multiple layers with muscles that run along and regulate the size of your blood vessels.

As you age, your arteries can harden, tissues can become brittle, and inflammation can cause clogging and other issues.

To keep your blood vessels healthy, it's important to nourish your body with foods such as asparagus, broccoli, avocado, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, watermelon, and turmeric. Avoid stimulants such as energy drinks and high amounts of sugar that can deteriorate the inside of your blood vessels.

Exercise and deep breathing can relax and dilate your blood vessels, reduce stress levels, and lower blood pressure. Pink energy can also help relax and soften tissues, alleviate atherosclerosis, vision problems, joint stiffness, and keep your skin pliable.

In addition to physical care, it's important to release negative emotions such as anger and rage, which deteriorate your blood vessels. Check your mental energy and make sure it's balanced between spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energies. Reduce inflammation by consuming foods rich in omega-3s and avoiding foods high in omega-6, such as polyunsaturated margarines, conventionally grown meat, and polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

If you experience blood vessel issues, seek professional guidance and consider healing protocols that can help restore your blood vessels' health. Remember that caring and healing your blood vessels is crucial to your overall health and wellbeing. Let's keep those blood vessels healthy and pliable as we age!

Standout Quotes :

  • "Your blood vessels are a lot more complex than you could possibly imagine. They are not just passive tubes that sit in your body and your heart does all the pumping."
  • "As you age, you are subject to the hardening of your arteries,  the embrittlement of your tissues, you lose elasticity, and any inflammation makes everything much worse. "
  • "High amounts of sugar can deteriorate the inside of your blood vessels very rapidly. "
  • "Keeping your blood sugar regulated has many health benefits, including stopping premature aging.  "
  • "Many people feel anger and rage daily, especially from their treatment in their relationships.  Releasing the rage helps reduce blood vessel deterioration."
  • "Letting go of rage can be assisted by cutting the cord to a rageful thought when it comes up and letting it go.  Rage only hurts you and your health."
  • "High levels of stress or cortisol activates the muscles in your blood vessels, causing your blood pressure to rise. "
  • "Walking half an hour a day can reduce your blood pressure by helping your blood vessels dilate. "


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