The Function and Energy Healing of Your Bones

Mar 14, 2023

Your bones are living tissue, not some dead part of you like your hair or nails.  They need attention to thrive, especially as you age and likely become more sedentary.  Bones need activity, nutrition, and the right kinds of stress to stay strong.  They also represent your support.  If you are not feeling supported, the energy in your bones fade.  Listen in to find out what to do to help heal your bones.

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Standout Quotes : 

  • "When people feel they're not being supported, their bones will lose energy, creating problems in their skeleton. "
  • "Your bones are not dead things inside you like your hair or fingernails.  They are alive with nerves and blood circulation."
  • "There’s a thin layer on the bone where the mineralization occurs, containing osteoblast cells.  To help your bones mineralize, you can Imagine golden healing light penetrating your body and awakening these cells. "
  • "Your bones or skeletal system does more than you likely realize.  They create blood cells and have stem cells ready for creating these cells. "
  • "One of the ways to help your bones is to support yourself.  It doesn't have to be other people. They way you treat yourself matters. "
  • "Two very doable steps to prevent demineralization of your bones is to get enough of the right kind of exercise and make sure your diet is adequate in bone nutrition. "