Portable Marketing Materials to Help Grow Your Healing Business

Jun 27, 2022

Even though you’re a healer, to grow your healing business, marketing is necessary.  Portable marketing materials that you can take to display at networking events or use to speak at events helps you gain visibility amongst other business owners.  Knowing what to take and what should be there makes it easier to make a good showing.   Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family, go to: https://www.highpaidhealers.com   

Today you'll discover ways to get more visibility to help you build your healing business. 

I know that you want to build your healing business out. And one of the ways to do this is to go to networking meetings and bring some marketing materials with you. And these can be very simple, especially when you go to a place where you get a display table space or you get a bulletin board where you can put a few things up. 

One of the most effective and quickest ways to gain visibility is to go to local networking meetings or local conferences. 

I mentioned before you can find these in the newspaper or online or you can find some of the organizations like eWomenNetwork, which is a really great one for finding healing clients. A local networking group in the Los Angeles area is called worthwhile referral services or WRS.  You can find it at wrswrs.com. The latter of those offers you free tablespace at every meeting, it's about three- four feet wide, a couple of feet deep and you can prop your marketing materials on it. 

Here are a few of the marketing materials that are helpful for you to have. 

One of them is to have a brochure like one of these three fold brochures. Those three fold brochures, they operate like a giant business card and one of the things that you can do in those is advertise your events. For example, like let's say you have an event like a masterclass or a webinar or you are speaking locally somewhere or you are doing a local conference of your own.   I did these five- six hour conferences on a Saturday in a hotel meeting space.  You could do that. 

You could use that brochure to advertise things like that. And the thing that you are to do when you show your brochure is focus on the results, or rather focus on the benefits of the results. 

You focus on those benefits.   As a healer I did this and I got a lot of healing clients this way. At these conferences, by doing a group healing and then inviting people into a free discovery session, sending around a signup sheet for their free healing sessions. When I did this, I'd have 20 or 30 people in there:  I'd have 20 or 30 phone conversations.  

Make sure in your brochure, you have a picture of you and a little mini bio, you know, paragraph 200 to 200 words put your contact information including the link to make appointments. Remember that Calendly link or any other booking app that you happen to have. 

You can also put an order form on it. If you have something small that you want to sell, you can put an order form in your little brochure. Those typical trifold brochures: I've made a few of these and handed them out at events and people hang on to those because they're a little more substantial and with the images and colors, they look great on your display table. (Or even to carry around and hand out to people. When they ask for it. Remember, they need to ask for it.)

Another item that you could put on the display table is a small poster. 

On my poster, I was advertising for those little mini conferences where I had 20 to 30 people on such a poster. On it, I had a picture of myself and then I would say what event it is: one of them was “love and money day with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas. I added benefits: be pain free, look 10 years younger,  magnetize money and clients to you, have great relationships even attract the love of your life, reverse aging, heal autism, ADHD, PTSD and emotional distress, have boundless energy.  That poster was was early on in my career. Today, I wouldn't put it that way.   I would say relieve it not heal it. 

I put the date and the time,  where, my contact phone number, my website and my email and then I put a big QR code that would take me directly to the registration page.  That way people could go to the right webpage and register immediately. 

To book more speaking gigs you need a speaker one-sheet

Another really good thing to take with you is a speaker  one-sheet for booking speaking and podcasts.  You have your name, some sort of tagline, a picture of you, a bar across that's got some of your credibility.  For example, put as seen on and then put  some of the radio and podcasts you’ve been on, things like that. And then have a little mini bio, your popular media topics. So this is to help you get on to podcasts. 

Then put a couple of testimonials or praise at the bottom and then a stripe with your contact information. One mine, ”book Anastasia today” with  my phone number, my email, my website and that would allow me to get booked for podcasts.  A lot of people have podcasts and they're always looking for guests. I'm one of them. You can always get booked on my podcast by going to my website, scientifichealer.com/radio. When you go on there, there's a book me button. 

If you've written a book, right, even if it's a little mini book, take your books, you can sell them there. You don't have to give them away. I would sell them normally on Amazon for $25.  Sale price, conference special $20.  People tend to have $20 bills in their wallet or purse. 

Sponsor an event or network meeting so you can speak and/or have a display table. 

And then the last thing to help gain visibility is to sponsor an event. Now sponsoring an event could be very low cost like at EWomenNetwork. It's $75 to sponsor an event. And in other places it could be $3000- $5,000. It depends on what it is you want to accomplish. 

What's nice about EWomenNetwork is that it's only $75. You get a really big nice fat table and you put all your marketing materials.Make sure you have some signage so you can call attention to yourself. Bring a nice tablecloth. You really want the table to look nice and neat. You just don't want that formica to show. 

Put snacks on the table: I used to put a little packages of nuts and raisins. Some people bring a lot of chocolate, such as Hershey Kisses and things. I would put out healthy snacks like dried fruit, healthy nuts,  things like that. Then people will stop and pick them up and that's when you talk to them. You’ll have all your marketing materials out, make the display really nice and have a little poster of what your free offer could be. 

As I mentioned previously, you could do a quick one minute reading or you could do a quick centering on them or you could what I did:  a frequency reading on them and tell them what the one thing they could do right now to help raise it really quickly.

Right doesn't matter what it is you do but having something appealing will draw them in to talk to you so you can find out what it is they need from you. And then of course you can hand them your card or make an appointment right there for a free consultation. The first step is to get them on your appointment calendar.

That's a win. So when you sponsor an event, have an intention.  If I were to sponsor an event for $75, I would want to have a minimum of 10 appointments walking away from them.  Because of the prices of my packages, if one person signs up, it will have quintupled my return on investment. So basically for every dollar I put in I get $5 out and that's like a money machine. You can do that all day long, right. 

And then, lastly, and I'll talk more about this next time. Lastly, a lot of times when you sponsor an event, like the WRS one I mentioned earlier, you pay $200. And you get to give a 10 minute talk, and I'm not sure what it takes to get into eWomenNetwork, but it is on their website.   And you go to your city and you find out how you can become a speaker there. 

And I think you get 20 minutes and that's when you can really start making sales. The 10 minute talk you don't really want to sell.  Instead, you want to pass out a sheet to everybody that's a questionnaire and have them put their name and email address on there. Ask them, would you like a free appointment?  And/or is it okay if I add you to my email list? You can also give away free gifts. I would give away one of my healing audios that normally people pay for.

That's another way to actually build up your email list. And the email list is a way to stay in touch. You want to stay top of mind. This is all marketing is: you want to stay top of mind. 

 Networking is connecting not selling

And these things I’ve mentioned in terms of networking you. It sounds like it's a lot more than it is.   if you go to one or two networking meetings a month, you're not going to want to waste your time and energy every time you go. You want to make it fruitful.

The first few times I went I didn't know what I was doing. And I started learning by doing.  The organizations were also guiding me but with these tips it will help you get results so much faster.   So you want to catch people's attention. 

And in networking as I mentioned before, you're not trying to find clients you're trying to find connections.  These connections, as I mentioned before, are business owners or they're trying to establish a business.   Many will try and do an exchange with you because they're just starting out and they don't have enough money. Instead have them refer clients to you, potential clients and you them. The whole idea is to help each other out. 

If you have somebody who's a masseuse and you are doing acupuncture, let's say the people that come to each of them need the other’s services, so you could start exchanging clients. 

 I did that with a doctor. I worked with a holistic doctor who is now retired. She would send me clients that couldn't be helped by her methods. And then I would do some healing on them and send them back to her and she would note the differences. She started sending me more and more people. And likewise whenever I had somebody that wanted a normal, holistic doctor, she was an MD, I would send them to her. So we had a mutual exchange and that's what you really want to do. 

This is where you get the best help. You find people (business owners) that have clients or services that are beneficial to your clients and your services help their clients. That allows you to do a fair exchange, refer clients back and forth.  And this is what you really want because you don't want to go and be pushy and salesy. 

You just want to connect with people because that's where you're going to find your friends and your best referral partners. Okay, I hope that was really helpful today: what to do when you're sponsoring an event, when you have a display table, what kind of materials you can take, and we've already talked about conversations you can have to talk to potential clients or referral partners.   At your display table, you're going to display the benefits of what it is you offer. The other networkers will be able to talk to you and you can have conversations with them and develop those friendships and referral partners. 


Standout Quotes:

  • "One of the most effective and quickest ways to get more visibility is to go to local networking meetings or local conferences." 
  •  "A tri-fold brochure operates like a giant business card that you can take to live meetings: you can also advertise your events in one."
  • "In your brochure, focus on the results and focus on the benefits of the results." 
  • "Create a speaker one-sheet to help you book speaking gigs and podcasts to gain more visibility." 
  • "When you sponsor a meeting, you can give away free gifts such as an energy reading, a healing audio, or minicourse to gain more visibility."
  • "Your email list is a way for you to stay in touch with your potential clients, by sending them valuable articles or videos, which will keep you top of mind." 
  • "In networking, you're not looking for clients, you're looking for connections. " 
  • "Instead of selling to people you meet in networking or conferences, you can refer clients to each other, for example.  The whole idea is to help each other out."