Transforming the Dark Memories of Your Past Relationships for Your Bright Future- Healing Trauma

Dec 05, 2022

Trauma dims the lights on you when you’ve been abused in some way, whether it’s in your spiritual, emotional, mental or physical body.  Releasing and healing the trauma helps you create a happier and healthier future.  Allowing the trauma to remain buried in your body keeps you stuck in the past pain and hurt as if it is still happening in this moment.  Discover the first three steps to healing it to move into a brighter future.


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Standout Quotes: 

  • "Trauma  shows up as a darkening of your energy body.  You may have been verbally or physically abused.  You can carry its effect for years."
  • "Anywhere your body’s light is darkened, in the spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical body, it registers as dark energy on the body.  To be at your best, light it up again."
  • "Trauma darkens your energy or light in the area that trauma affected. And in order for you to be healthy, happy and fulfilled lighting up your energy body is essential. "
  • "To have healthy relationships unaffected by previous trauma, clearing out the old darkness created by the trauma will really move you forward. "
  • "Every time you think of the person that caused the trauma, you can release the thought quickly by cutting the cords.  The thoughts will only pull you back to when it happened, refreshing it in your mind again and again. "
  • "Every time you think of a bad memory, it’s as if you are reliving the event, further reinforcing the trauma.  Cutting the cords to the memory helps you move forward. "