How your past life patterns can affect you adversely

Apr 10, 2023

We all have energetic patterns of emotions, behavior, physicality, and so forth, that are created not only with our every day lives, but also with what your soul has traversed in past lives.  These energetic patterns determine how you behave with other people, including people that remind you of others.  You can heal the damaging patterns, the unhealthy ones holding you back.

You meet the same souls in many different lifetimes.  You have likely changed gender or relationship, being equal, superior or inferior (meaning of different generations).  You have not just a physical family but a soul family (and these probably intersect in a big way).  

Clearing out the old unhealthy energetic pattern of relating to your soul family can help you move forward quantum leaps rather than in small gradual steps.  Learn how to do that so you can free yourself from compulsive behavior that is hurtful to you.

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Unlocking the Power of Past Lives: How Your Past Relationships Impact Your Present

Discover all about the power of past lives and how they impact your current relationships. In this article, we'll explore how past lives are intertwined with your present and how understanding and healing past life relationships can help you move forward in a positive direction.

Personal Experience

When I first encountered the idea of past lives, it wasn't through reading or research. It was a personal experience. I found myself in a trance-like state where I started seeing glimpses of past lives, including who I was, who I was with, and what I looked like. As I pulled back further to see the bigger picture, I realized that many of the people I have relationships with today were also present in my past lives. This realization opened my eyes to the fact that past lives can have a profound impact on our current relationships.

Past Life Imprints

Unlike karma, which is an agreement we come to in this life, past life imprints are energetic patterns that we carry forward from one life to another. These imprints can include unresolved relationships or behaviors that were formed in a past life. They can even include fears or phobias that have no apparent explanation in this life.

Compelling Relationships

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you had known them forever? Or felt a compulsion to behave a certain way around a person, even though you couldn't explain why? These are often signs of past life relationships that were left unresolved.

Healing Past-Life Relationships

The good news is that it is possible to heal past-life relationships and release these energetic imprints. One technique is to visualize your life as a timeline, with past lives as pearls on a string. The black pearls represent past life relationships that need healing. By asking Spirit to bring light into all the pearls and replace the black pearls with white ones, you can reprogram your past life in a different direction. This process allows you to heal the past relationship and move forward without the energetic pattern of that relationship carrying over into your present.


Understanding the power of past lives and how they impact your present relationships can be life-changing. By healing past life relationships and releasing energetic imprints, you can move forward in a positive direction and create healthy, fulfilling relationships. Don't let the past hold you back from living your best life now.

Standout Quotes:

  • "Releasing toxic energetic imprints from your past life relationships allows you to move forward by preventing you from cycling through the same harmful behavior repeatedly."
  • "If you keep meeting the same kinds of people over and over, it’s not that everyone is the same.  You are the factor attracting it."
  • "Often you meet people from your past lives in this one.  These are the ones you form instant friendships with in the first seconds."
  • "Clearing up your old negative relationships from this and past lives helps you stop the compelling behavior you have with certain types of people."
  • "You can use powerful imagery to release old energetic patterns because your subconscious mind uses imagery to guide your life."
  • "Often, fear of losing the relationships you’re familiar with, even if they’re harmful, can keep you from becoming your greatest self."


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