Steps to release the dark emotions of trauma fast

Dec 15, 2022

Dark emotions resulting in repetitive verbal and even physical abuse can darken parts of the body. These can dim your joy and happiness and affect your health and relationships. Try these three steps to releasing those dark emotions fast. Ask yourself how you feel after doing them.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "Even though painful experiences are difficult but they help you grow and experience things that you can't experience on the other side."
  • "Centering is when the heart of your body is aligned with the heart of your spirit.  When you are centered, your entire body is energized."
  • "Joy starts from your inside to out instead of outside in.  It is how you experience life when you are centered."
  • "When you breathe in healing energy, you help wash away the dark energy to light up your dark areas."
  • "Often, your painful incidents hurt because of the way you interpret them, not the way the other person meant it."
  • "To help clear the dark energy of assault, breathe in pink and gold energy."
  • "Take a deep breath of gold light to illuminate your insides. As you release it, imagine all the darkness draining down your grounding cord deep into the earth. "