How to Generate some Income Fast with your Skills

Jun 17, 2022

Being in the lack mentality brings your energy down.  Get out of “Lack” fast using some of these ideas as inspiration for you to generate some income to help bridge the gap between what you have and what you need.  Using affirmations sets your subconscious into motion helping you create new ideas.  Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family, go to: 

The last couple of times I've been talking about how to figure out what your income needs to be and how to expand it so you can energetically create a vacuum to bring that to you.   Then I did some practical talking about what is the right price for you to charge your clients either per session or per package or however it is that you do it. 

This time, I'm going to talk about some really quick ways to get income fast.  Then, I want you to put on your own thinking cap. 

The reason why I'm focused on income the last few times is that in order for you to be at your best energy,  in order for you to feel filled and fulfilled, is that you need enough income to live comfortably. 

Because when you are in the place of lack, you will attract people that are in the place of lack and that is not a good place for most people to be. So being in lack means that you have this hole or this emptiness that needs filling.  You're not at your best energy or your best self and you can't do your best healing, for example. 

Today, what I'm going to talk about are a few ways that you can help get income fast.  I know when you put on your own thinking cap, you can think of ways, especially if you are super desperate.  You are at at the end of your rope and you don't know what to do. 

All around you is abundance

You just don't realize that all around you is abundance. For example, my daughter has been doing art for a long time. And her art is actually quite amazing. And we have stored all over the house and in the garage and in packages. If anyone looks at it, they want to buy it. 

So imagine that you've done art. So if you look behind me here, right? This is one of my pieces of artwork and a lot of people have come and said that they really enjoy that.  I have actually quite a number of pieces of artwork that I could sell.   I choose to keep most of them but I could sell them doesn't matter $30 $50 $100.   If you have 10 pieces that adds up.  $30 apiece, 10 pieces is 300 and I have many more than 10 pieces.  You probably do too.

You could actually sell your own. There are places that you could market things that,  like Etsy. 

It's not just art.

Let's say you have some old flatware.   I have a set of old flatware from when my husband and I got married 10 years ago.   We each had our own flatware and you know name brand stuff, and it actually has a lot of value. So we could actually sell that for a few $100.  Use Etsy instead of eBay:  there seems to be a lot of people selling those kinds of things on Etsy. 

Or let's say you had some old crystal ware that you're not using. You could sell that. Think about things that you have worth something but you're not using.  You could release instead of giving it away, you could sell it.  So that's number one.

Mining Social Media Helps You Form New Connections

Number two:  you could go and find new clients by mining social media or going to networking meetings, whether the networking is online or offline. And I would really suggest doing some networking or going to conferences and meeting people because that is how I met a great number of people. They have not only been my clients, they've also referred me clients. 

What to do if you are an introvert:

And I know a lot of you are introverts. I'm a severe introvert. If I can do it, then you could do it too. I’m at the endpoint of introversion. 

No, I'm not shy. I lost my shyness. I used to be painfully shy all the way until probably my mid 20s. Before that there would be days where I would go around and never ever say anything.  No, I'm not shy but shyness and introversion are two different things.

So you know you're introverted:  if you go into a crowd, and you interact with people, even though you might be comfortable interacting with them, when you come home, you're drained of energy.  An extrovert needs to go out and interact with people because they come home and they are filled with energy. 

So a lot of healers, because of their personality type, are introverted.  The INFJ in the Myers Briggs scale is an introverted intuitive feeling judgmental person and those are natural healers.   A lot of healers I find are in that category. They're also INFP on that particular scale. And there's lots of there's lots of information on the internet about it. 

So go look up Myers Briggs and take the test. You can find a free test, take the test, you'll find out whether you are or not. 

I just know that from the very beginning of time, if I gave a lecture to 300 people in the beginning, it took me two to three hours to recover my energy. 

If you are an introvert, learn energetic protection techniques to really help that. 

Speaking to find new clients

So let's talk about going and finding new clients. So another way to do it is speaking. And what I'm doing right now for you is I'm speaking I'm speaking and putting this what I'm talking about I'm putting this on YouTube, for example. I'll be putting it on into my podcast and I'll be putting the video in the blog so you can watch it there. Right and this is really helpful to be speaking regularly. This is also appearing live on Facebook, for example. So the videos are appearing live in lots of places, right? And this speaking will also help you bring in new clients. 

Another thing to do is to do a free online challenge.

So I did this quite some time ago. I'm getting ready to do it again. I did a free five day challenge. And I called it a free relationship challenge because I was selling a course on helping create the best energy in relationships and you can actually find it by going to And it's a little free five day or five module relationship healing and challenge.  It takes you through a series of exercises. 

I did this some number of years ago. I didn't do much advertising on it. I just sent a message out to my list and put it on my social. And in the first couple of days I had 90 people opt in. 45 people came to all five days of it. And 15 then signed up for my $200 course afterwards. And this was a quick infusion of cash right so 15 times $200 is 3,000. 

You could do these for different topics. I did one on nutrition and I did one on success. You can do these different topics and find out which one resonates with the people that you are connecting with. And that is also a quick cash infusion. 

Plus, I got to teach this class live. It was five sessions some of them signed up for more classes

You can create a quick course to increase income.

So your quick course might be something like: how do you know you know how to find the right healer for you? You have some ideas for that.  Or how do you know that you need healing? What are the best things that to go to a healer for?  I always answer, for example, chronic conditions.   Chronic conditions include diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, all those kinds of things where there is no answer in conventional medicine. That's what healing is good for, for example. 


You could put on your thinking cap and think of different ways that you could do increase your income.

And now, hopefully, a couple of neurons have started firing in your wonderful brain and you have thought of some of your own things. 

Affirmation help reprogram your mind for new ideas and more income.

The other thing that I want you to consider is that affirmations really help. And when I do affirmations, I always put in front of it “all the times in all the ways.”  This is actually shorthand for “across all time, across all space, across all dimensions, and across all realities.” 

You say first:  all the times in all the ways and then the affirmation.  For example, new clients that I met to help and serve find me. “All the times in all the ways new clients that I met to help and serve find me.” 

And another one that I like is when my income starts dropping a little bit because as an entrepreneur, we do have this income flux, up and down, up and down. 

And usually what happens when we're on the up is that we think we don't need to mine for new clients.  Advertising for new clients in some sort of way is a non stop function. That's something you should be spending a lot of time doing a little bit every day. Not a lot of time every day but a little bit every day. 

You know, allocate half an hour or an hour per week to do it. For example, like me creating this little 10 minute video will take me approximately an hour of my time.  I then take this I create some images and I go through and I edit what I've said and create quotes and so on. It takes me about an hour to do everything and I have an assistant then spending another an hour or two helping put the content out there for me. She schedules it. 

I like this affirmation when my income starts to dip. I say “all the times in all the ways $10,000 flows into my bank account every month. The reason why I like that one in particular is because I'm not saying I earn it. I'm not saying how it's supposed to show up. I just say that it shows up, right? 

And then all of a sudden, new income possibilities start. 

And then the last one that I really really love is “all the times and all the ways, all my bills are paid and I still have all this money in the bank.” And this one I got from I took this abundance course from Chellie  Campbell. She wrote a book called The Wealthy Spirit. And this book has daily affirmations.There are daily journal entries withan affirmation at the end. 

And she writes in such a way that says exactly how she speaks. And so when I read it, I hear her voice saying the words, it's really adorable.

I think affirmations are really really helpful especially when you are feeling you’re in lack, because what it does is it reprograms your energy towards that thing that you are striving for. Because whatever it is that you're striving for, like when I asked you to write how much money you need, in other words, how much does your housing cost? Your clothing cost, your car expenses, your business expenses. As soon as you start writing it down, somewhere in your subconscious mind, it starts to reprogram your mind to think, oh, I need that amount. I absolutely have to have it. You create this energy vortex that brings it to you. 

What you focus on grows

If you are not feeling that you need it or you don't even know how much you need and you don't even know how much you are bringing in. You can't change it. 

This is the really important point in all of this and  the reason why I've gone through these exercises.   You must be able to track your income and outgo.  Whatever you track and whatever you focus on grows.   

You know this is an energetic law 

So so in summary, I covered ways that you can get income quickly.  Instead of looking for long term clients, there are ways you can get income quickly. You can sell something either you've created or that you have laying around that you don't need at the moment. And then you can create some quick courses or create a challenge that you could do. You could create consistent videos like this to help bring in new clients and generate new interest in what it is you are doing. And lastly, I talked about affirmations that are very helpful. 

And the way I do affirmations is I'll say the same one 10 times every morning.  After about 5 to 7 days, I feel like the energy of that one has expanded.  Then I'll move onto a different one. Sometimes,  I'll say five or 10 of them in the morning.

And that's like those five that I mentioned today, these five I'll say every morning.  Affirmations  really, really work because your internal guidance system will start gearing you towards that happening for you. 

Standout Quotes for Producing Income FAST:

  • "In order for you to be at your best energy,  in order for you to feel filled and fulfilled, you need enough income to live comfortably."
  • "When you are in the place of lack, you will attract people that are in the place of lack." 
  • "You know you're introverted:  if you go into a crowd, and you interact with people, afterwards you're drained of energy. An extrovert needs to go out and interact with people because afterwards they are filled with energy."
  • "Affirmations are helpful especially when you’re in lack, because they reprogram your energy towards gaining that thing that you are striving for."