Free Sessions to Improve Enrollment

May 09, 2022

Your potential healing client is praying you have a solution that will make them feel great and be done with their issue. Tune in to discover how to use the free session to first offer a trio of attractive solutions and then ways to ease into a sale without pressuring them or you.   Free live training to become a highly paid healer in 3 months or less, go to: 

Standout Quotes:

  • "If your potential client says they can't afford you, they don’t currently see the value in what you offer."
  • "When you do a free session to demonstrate your abilities, a previously close-minded person can become your best advocate."
  • "Your enrollment process does not have to be complicated."
  • "When you offer long term packages and you’re paid up front, you can offer generous discounts."
  • "Release your expectations of the outcome for a free session. You never know the result: a new client, some great referrals or just some amazing good will."
  • "In your healing sessions with your clients, a single session does not give you the opportunity to keep them from ever having to suffer the problem again."
  • "When you ask for a testimonial,  make sure you record it so you can build your portfolio of proof of concept."
  • "During a free session, make sure you offer them something of value to build trust."


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