5 Toxic Habits to Stop Doing to Heal Yourself from Exhaustion

Mar 26, 2024

Discover the transformative power of breaking free from energy-depleting habits with Five Toxic Habits to Stop Doing Now to Heal Yourself from Exhaustion" In this insightful episode, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas delves into the common pitfalls that drain healers and empathic individuals, offering practical solutions for reclaiming vitality and joy in both personal and professional spheres. From establishing healthy boundaries to mastering energy hygiene, this guide is an essential tool for anyone looking to replenish their inner strength and sustain their healing capabilities. Tune in to empower yourself and step into a more balanced, energetic lifestyle.

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https://healersu.com/hpp for the healers protection protocol program
https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain to download the 11 minute energy hygiene healing audio.
https://healersu.com for Healers University Website

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Are you feeling constantly drained and unable to replenish your energy after a long day of helping others? Today, we're uncovering five toxic habits that are keeping you from feeling refreshed and vibrant. These practices are common among healers, and breaking free from them can reenergize your personal and professional life. Stay tuned to reclaim your energy!

Today, we're addressing a common issue that many of us face but often overlook: self-neglect.

There was a time when I was so involved with healing others that I forgot to take care of myself. Many days were 8 hours of back-to-back sessions. Without the right protections in place, my energy constantly flowing out without being replenished. It was a wake-up call when I found myself completely depleted, unable to muster the strength even to help myself, let alone others. This experience taught me the hard way that caring for myself isn't selfish; it's essential.

You may have experienced periods of time like this.  You get so invested in helping others, including family members that you become depleted and apathetic.  Activities that were fun before became uninteresting.  You may have even given up on healing others because of the toll it takes on you and your energy.

After a decade of teaching other healers,

Here are a few of the most toxic habits that deplete a sensitive and empathic healer’s energy.  And what to do instead.

  1.  Overprioritizing Other People’s Needs: As healers, it's in our nature to help. Constantly putting other’s needs before ours can lead to spiritual, emotional, and physical burnout.  Here’s what to do instead.  Spend a half hour in the morning taking care of you first.  You can reset your calendar to incorporate the necessary breaks to replenish your energy.  I reduced the number of hours I worked with clients each day, leaving plenty of time in the morning for creative work, exercise, and making nutritious meals.  Which leads to the next toxic habit.  
  2. Neglecting Your Daily Energy Hygiene Practice: Everyone knows you need physical hygiene to stay healthy, such as brushing and flossing your teeth or showering and bathing.  However, your daily energy hygiene is just as if not more important.  What do I mean by energy hygiene?  You might know it as a gratitude practice, clearing your energy field or aura, meditating, or stimulating your meridians.  Such simple steps can keep your energy replenished and clean from other influences.  This will become second nature once you get into the habit.  I give away a free 11-minute healing audio called Wake Up Your Brain. that does energy hygiene on you in this short time.  Go to scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain.  
  3. Failing to Set Boundaries: Clear boundaries with clients ensure you have time to rest and recharge. Without them, you risk being available 24/7 to demanding or energy-draining clients.  Your mind gets no rest and makes you unavailable for your own family and friends.  You can also set clear boundaries with your family and friends, such as saying no when you are tired or don’t like the proposed activity.  
  4. Not Reclaiming Your Energy After Interacting with Others.  Whenever you interact with others in conversation, never mind doing a healing session, you are exchanging energy with that person.  I know that when I gave lectures at the university, it would take me several hours to recover from the loss of energy because it was one way.  In conversation, you are absorbing the other person’s energy when they speak.  At the end, you are then bombarded with foreign frequencies that can deplete your energy.  To solve this issue, a post-interaction ritual to reclaim your energy is crucial.  This is especially important when you are dealing with a different gender because their energy and yours don’t animate your physical self the same way. By expelling their energy back to them and yours to you, you are replenished with your own frequency to function optimally.
  5. And last, 5.  Healing Without Consent:  I’m sure you have heard this from people once they learn you are a healer: “Can you help my husband or my mom?”  Maybe you’ve had someone come up to you and do a reading on you verbally without you being asked.  This has happened to me, and the reading was so far off base that my own energy went down the toilet.  Reading or healing others without their request or consent is like doing their homework for them.  My personal point of view is that whatever issue someone is dealing with, they can choose to solve it themselves or ask for help.  Healing is for those that want it, not for those that need it.  The other scary aspect of this is that once you start their homework for them, often you have to finish it for yourself. You will take on someone’s bad Karma, so to speak.  

I hope these tips have been helpful to you to discover where you are losing energy when being around others and what to do instead.

Your invitation to the Healer's Protection Protocol

When you're ready to take the next step and embrace a balanced healing practice, I invite you to connect with us off-air. I have a small program at https://healersu.com/hpp for protecting you and your energy.  I hope to see you on the other side.  And don’t forget to download one small aspect of this program, the Wake-Up Your Brain Audio.  You’ll find the details in the show notes.

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Next time, you’ll be hearing about Scientifically-based Abundance Practices for the Spiritual Entrepreneur . Until then, remember to prioritize your well-being as much as you do for others.

And with that, we wrap up today's episode. 

"Thank you for tuning in to Physics Powered Healing..  You’ll find resources and show notes on our website at physicspoweredhealing.com.  Until next time, I'm Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, sending you golden healing light and success vibes on your journey to becoming a powerful, confident healer.  Remember, your healing gifts are so needed in this world."

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