How to Find New Healing Clients Offline

Jun 22, 2022

For your healing business to thrive, you need both offline and online client attraction strategies.  Offline attraction can include meeting people anywhere, grocery store lines, airport, sitting next to someone on a bus or train or in networking meetings..  You use the same marketing strategies as you do online.  Ask questions, find out what they are looking for.  Instead of asking for the sale, do this instead.  Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family, go to: 

Discover how you can find your clients offline. 

This is the number one question that I get is: where do I find my ideal clients? This is really your first step to growing your healing practice: discovering where you can find your clients. Once you have your 30 sec intro to say when you first meet people, you can start asking them the important questions. This is how you can connect with them without being pushy and salesy. 

This is your first step to finding clients offline.  It doesn't matter where. It could be in a grocery store line, sitting next to them on a bus or a plane, or just bumping into them on the street and having a little chat. This happens all the time. 

 Sometimes I'm sitting out in front of my house and people come by. On my little chair on my porch, I can drink my morning tea and can chat with my neighbors as they come by.  

These kinds of situations are all great places to start. 

Where to find local networking groups to connect with other business owners

But now, the thing to do is to take it on the road, that is, go to your local networking groups.   You can find these networking groups by opening up your local newspaper or look up on Google “local networking”.   

Find some groups that will meet with the kinds of people you want to have a conversation with. 

BNI is one place to go. Those are weekly meetings. I find them stressful, but some people really enjoy them. I tend to be a little too introverted for those.

There are other local networking groups that meet once a month, like eWomenNetwork.  That's a really great place to go. The great thing about that group is that it's filled with entrepreneurs that are open-minded to really looking for any kind of different solution than what they and other people are normally used to. When you first come in and join, they also give you a free table, so you can set up your content, your brochures, a book and/or a poster.   You can offer something free like a free frequency reading or a free one-minute reading.   

What I’ve done is offer a free reading on what's the next thing or the number one thing you should look at right now to move forward in your success? And I had eight choices. I would do the muscle testing behind my back and then come up with a solution, read into the solution and 99.9% of the time, it was accurate.  That was really fun to do. And people love hearing about themselves.  

 Benefits and Etiquette of Networking Groups

By going to these networking groups and meeting other people in person is a really great way to form friendships. I have a lot of friendships that I still maintain from the times that I met people like that. 

In those networking groups, there are certain kinds of etiquette that you need to practice. For instance, I collect people's cards then immediately friend them on Facebook and LinkedIn, send them a message:  “It was so great meeting you at {put name of event here}.”   The people that are really interested in what you have to say can make an immediate appointment with their phone number in your phone (make sure you take it with you and make an immediate appointment in your phone to have a follow-up call).

This is how I started really getting a lot more clients.   I know that we're having a bit of a resurgence in COVID. But now that a lot of COVID restrictions are lifted, people are meeting again.  You can even do this online, but I'm talking specifically offline. 

There's nothing like meeting someone offline. There's nothing like shaking their hand looking them in the eye and having a conversation with them.  These networking groups are really, really helpful. 


For me, in a matter of probably three months, I was already bring in $7,000 to $8,000 a month by being in these networking groups. You want to be really connecting, going to every event and whenever anybody has a private event, just show up. When I did, I didn't have a lot to say, but I would just show up and the more they see your face, the better.  It’s just like online marketing. 

You have to make six or seven touches before people will finally go:  “Oh yeah, I know that person.” 

Many healers are introverts: what to do then and how to follow up.

I know that a lot of you are introverts.  You have to practice your energy hygiene before and after. Before and after you go to these events to help keep your energy, keep yourself grounded and centered, and release anybody else's energy that impinges into yours.  So all those things that we've talked about before. Those are the things to pay attention to. 

Another thing that happens is that a lot of people go to these networking meetings.  You’ll hand out your cards.  I've given away 1000s and 1000s of my cards.  Hardly anybody has ever taken that card and called me. And some people even had my card pinned on their bulletin board for two years before they finally did call me. 

This is one of those quirky things about energy healing. That people have in the back of their mind. “Oh, that might be something good to do and that might be something good to know.”   But they just are too shy or hesitant to call and that's why you are the one that needs to be following up, not them. 

So, you collect the cards. You follow up and you do it consistently. So that means that you connect on Facebook like I mentioned, you connect on LinkedIn, drop them a message, make an appointment, and in the appointment, you don't sell them. Because these are networking meetings. What you do instead is you find out what it is that they need. How can you help them?  What do they need from you?

Then, if they ask, “What can I do for you?” You can answer, it would be great if you could refer me people back.   You name your specialty and ask for people that need help in these areas and a lot of times they will do send you someone. 

Free Healing Sessions Work to Build Your Paid Healing Clientele 

And I have also given away free healing sessions on the phone, meaning I would clear something up right away with them without asking for anything in return. And the people on those networking calls would refer me to a lot more clients. They would remark, “Wow, that really worked. I have people that could use your help.” And then they would send me a referral.

And those are the referrals that really worked like magic, just one referral yielded 10s of 1000s of dollars in referrals, meaning not just one, but about 30 different people came through just one networking call. 

People that attend networking meetings go regularly because it works. They go regularly because that's where they form friendships. So you get to meet all the same people over and over again.  They get to know you and will refer people to you because of that. 

If you find that it's fruitful, keep going.  I did find it fruitful. One of my doctor friends used to go to every networking meeting. And she always went, and she was highly successful in her practice. And in fact, she was so well known that Suzanne Somers put her in her book.  But she still went to these networking meetings because of the value in them. 

 What to take to networking meetings: 

There are a couple of things that you need to have when you go there.   People will ask for your card. And on your card you should have a picture of you and your name, your email, your direct line, your cell phone number, right your direct line, and a little bit of what it is that you do. I put on mine “Physicist and Master Healer.”

Whatever it is that you want to put on your card, and then I also put who I help below.  On the back, you could put “get your free gift,” with a link. 

What I gave away was a healing audio,11 minutes. This healing audio does all the energy hygiene for them. It's 11 minutes and it's very relaxing and a lot of people really loved it.

So it doesn't matter what it is you give away.  If it’s desirable, you can give it away in exchange of being on your email list. 

Number two is: have a business card website. It can be a single page, and it has exactly what's on your business card, how they get in touch with, you who you help. 

You don't have to put a pricing sheet. You don't have to put all of that: just who you are, what you’re helping people with, who you help, your bio and how to get in touch with you. That's all 

And next time I'll talk a little bit more about networking etiquette, and things that you can do to help attract more clients to you.

Standout Quotes:

  • "This is really your first step to growing your healing practice: discovering where you can find your clients." 
  • "The easy first step to find clients offline.  It doesn't matter where. It could be in a grocery store line, sitting next to them on a bus or a plane, or just bumping into them on the street and having a little chat."
  • "Selling the first time someone sees you is unusual.  You usually have to make six or seven touches before someone says: “Oh yeah, I know that person.” 
  • "When you go to networking meetings, you must practice your energy hygiene before and after speaking to each person. This will help you keep your energy clean." 
  • "Instead of asking for a sale in a networking meeting, find out what it is that they need or how you can help them." 
  • "Just one referral from a free healing session could yield 10s of 1000s of dollars in healing sessions."