Practices you can do to reprogram your DNA to health, love and wealth

Nov 15, 2022

Your DNA contains 95% reprogrammable information, much like a computer chip. The programmable part is what we now call your epigenetics. It can be either programmed energetically via a special process of switching off certain genes or by your behavior. Once your DNA operates at a higher frequency, it attracts better health, more love and wealth into your life. Discover what behaviors and circumstances helps you reprogram your genes yourself.

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Standout Quotes:


  • "Your DNA programming can determine how you interact with the world and how wealth is attracted to you, meaning health, love, and money. "
  • "If everyone in your family has a tendency to be overweight, or even obese, that programming has been passed down through your genetic code.  You can rewrite that genetic code. "
  • "You inherit these energetic DNA patterns for wealth or poverty from your parents. "
  • "As an energy healer, I know how to reprogram DNA quickly.  You can reprogram your own DNA with certain actions. "
  • "You can increase your frequency or happiness levels by living in your purpose or have your life mean something. "
  • "Certain actions will rewrite your epigenetics as shown by recent research.  Happy and meaningful relationships increase your longevity. "
  • "Making sure you are taking care of yourself physically tells your body that your life matters.  You will rewrite your DNA for longer life."

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