Two Massive Mistakes Healers Make That Keeps Them Small and Tired

Jan 18, 2022

There are two major mistakes that many healers make while working with other people. These mistakes can leave you desperate for more energy, sick, tired, and unable to fulfill your mission. Listen in to find out what these mistakes are.

Mistake 1 - not practicing what you tell others to do.

The first major error is not practicing what you preach. Many, myself included, are so concerned with other people and helping them feel well. Making sure their extended and immediate families are comfortable, so much that they stop thinking about needing healing, replenishment, and care. 

In the process of caring for these people, you give away all of your energy, and just don't give yourself time to replenish the lost energy. Many don't eat right, eat too much, become restless, or worry too much - getting yourself too emotionally involved. And instead of being empathic, you're sympathetic, meaning that you pull yourself down to their level to connect with them. 

What helps you retain your energy is to pull them up to your level instead of dropping to theirs. Allowing yourself to drop to their level can deplete you to the point of not feeling very good. This subsequently leads to a loss of interest in what you love doing.  You just simply can’t take it anymore. 

The mistake here is that a lot of us don't even think we could perform healing on ourselves or we just believe it’s impossible, which is totally a false belief. Let me share with you my experience at the start of my journey, so you better understand. 

From the age of 19, I suffered with severe back pain till I was 55 years old. My lower back hurts because I have a very swayed back. And this becomes excruciating especially during pregnancies when my big huge belly pulled my back forward.. 

So one day, I was sitting in a healing class, fussing with the chair, arranging pillows and other things behind me to prop my back up just right - I had to have that lower lumbar support. The healing teacher looked at me and she said, “Anastasia, what are you doing?” 

I said, “well, I have this lower backache and I have to sit just right otherwise it hurts all the time.” and then she responded with what changed my perception about healing oneself. She said, “What?? Are you not a healer now? You need to heal yourself.”

I started doing pain release, healing, relaxing and sending energy to that area. Since that day,the back pain disappeared. 

It's been 15 years and the pain hasn’t surfaced even though it is normal that as you get older, you become more prone to back pain. So, the key takeaway here is that your healing methods can work on you. It's just that you don't think in that direction. All you have to do is get started.

How  to go about Self-Healing

First thing is to make sure you are well hydrated. Drink two glasses of water when you wake up in the morning, and make sure that you let go of all of your emotional stress and take care of yourself first, before you take care of others. 

Of course, you may have heard this so many times over but then, you just don't think that it also applies to you. It does, especially to you, my dear friends.

Mistake 2 - Giving Away Your Energy Freely.

The second most significant mistake is giving others your energy. As a healer, it’s normal to want to help everyone to feel good. However, that feeling to help can quickly turn to an obligation which makes you desperate to want to help. 

I felt that way about my mom when she was dying, and even towards my dad now. I want to give them all of my energy to help them feel better. And if I had a sick child, I would most likely do the same. 

However, the truth is giving out this energy depletes you. And so because you work with others, during a transformation process, it is easy to get lost in the process and forget to care for your own energy. 

And even worse is that a lot of the healing techniques that are taught such as Reiki, which I learned back in 1994, requires that you pull energy in through your crown, and send it out through your hands. Your right hand out and then your left hand in to create a form of energy cycle. 

The problem here is that it’s not just your energy in circulation. As much as you’re passing out your energy during the process, you’re also receiving a new energy through the cycle, which is probably negative. 

This old technique is actually dangerous for you because you can pick up other people's lower emotions, low energy in their organs, low energy in their past lives, low energy everywhere. It’s crucial to eliminate that practice. 

A new way to heal without losing your energy: 

A great way to stop is instead of pulling it in through you, just direct it into your client directly from spirit or wherever you're gathering it from. 

You pull it directly down from spirit, then guide it via imagination, intention, or whatever you see through your third eye. This is an effective process that circumvents  depleting  your energy and absorbing their energy. 

Another thing you can do if you’re prone to getting contaminated with other people's energy is to release it.   At the end of every session, make sure you cut the cords that connect you with them.  You want to make sure that you sever the connection because you've established a flow now through the communication process with your client. 

Leave time for yourself between sessions is important

Furthermore, always make sure to leave a little time between sessions. When you're done, get up and wash your hands. If you can't, if you don't have time, make sure you have a good aura spray, spray your hands, clear off all the energy from your hands. 

That way, you're ready to meet a new client for the next hour or however you do it. You're ready to meet them all nice and fresh and without the previous client's energy on you. 

By following these two massive rules, I was able to heal six to eight hours a day, which simply means I could take in a lot of clients throughout a whole day. I don't do this every single day, I usually reserve Monday through Wednesday for my long healing session days. And then Thursday and Friday were like marketing days and networking days and so on. 

Then, I made sure that I had a day of rest, somewhere in there where I do absolutely only fun things. So take good care of yourself and make sure you don't absorb other people's energy and make sure that you're nice and clean. These will allow you to keep your energy instead of getting depleted working with other people's energy


Episode Timeline:

[01:10] Mistake #1: Not Practicing what you Preach

[03:21] Dr. Anastasia’s experience of Self-Healing

[05:26] Mistake #2: Giving others your Energy

[07:25] How to stop giving others your energy

[09:49] How Dr. Anastasia healed using the two rules

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