Creating Energetic Need for More Income to Help Your Business Grow

Jun 13, 2022

You must have an energetic void of income to fill in order to attract the income you desire towards you.  Money is just your energy translated into action and for most people, there needs to be a clear need for that income in order for your income to grow.  Discover steps to take to create that need, so your business can grow more effortlessly.  Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer, so you can support yourself and your family, go to:   

Income is  something that's really important for you and your well-being. And in order for you to support yourself, you have to realize that there are some things energetically interesting about how you call income in.  That’s the topic of today’s article. That includes what it is you need and how you define what you need. So stay tuned to hear more. 

 Income isn't just practical, it's also energetic.

 You need to consider both when you call the income into your life. Now, for a lot of people money is kind of icky, but really it's just your energy. It's giving your energy out and is calling that money back to you.

 So when you think about what it is that you want to call in, you can't just come up with a pie in the sky number: “oh, I'd like to make $100,000 a month”   Then somewhere in your subconscious it's going to go into disbelief.  

When you are asking for an income, you have to establish why somewhere in your subconscious.   It doesn't matter what the reason is, it just has to have meaning for you. 

 First, establish what you absolutely need to have.  

That includes adding up your housing costs, your food costs include eating out and your fun time, because that's a necessity, right? You need to have fun.  Include your utilities, including all the ones you want to have such as cable TV or if you don't watch TV, maybe you like to stream, do some streaming, whatever it is something educational or just entertaining.

Include all your car expenses, including fuel, insurance, repair. Include your clothing allowance, if you don’t have one, create a clothing allowance for yourself. It doesn't matter whether it's 100 bucks a month, 500 bucks a month, 1000 a month, right, but something to keep your clothing replenished.

And then include your business needs. You need to have your advertising expenses, your website, your software, your office and your business and any miscellaneous expenses including your service people or employees or something like that. These are your needs. 

Don't tighten your belts!

A lot of us can tighten our belts and cut back on our needs. But you shouldn't have to because that's also energetically draining, right? Because you're going oh, well then I can't have this, and I can't have that. How am I going to manage,  I'm going have to spend a lot more time doing chores. You don't want to have to do that.  

So now that you've summed up all your expenses, double it. The reason why you want to double it is this:  you want to create more need because this is part of your future. You want to create a cause or a powerful desire for that income. So this is what I'd call a productive need.

One way, you can either create a nonprofit of your own or donate to a cause that you're really passionate about. Like every month, I donate to two or three causes. And I'm really passionate about helping children, families in need, battered women, and the environment.

Next, you want to create a mission statement that's so bold that it scares you.  Like for me, creating a mission statement includes wanting to have impact on at least a million people's health and well-being.   But. I can't do that alone. To me, that’s very scary to even say that because that's a lot of people. But then, if you think about it, one person can impact 10 or 20. So every time I help one person, they can impact 10 or 20. 

Create more productive need

Another that you can also do for yourself to help create more need. Creating a productive need can include deciding that you're going to travel more, or improve your home.  

For me, it was being able to afford to live in this beautiful home that you can see here. And you know, I never thought I'd be able to afford in the Los Angeles area a house this size. If you saw my videos from before, you could see that I was in this little tiny office with the books right behind me where now they're off to the side and in another room. 

For you, let's say you have a desire to hide to hire somebody else. That helps expand your basic needs. And in turn, that helps create a real need to have a greater income. 

Secure your future with your doubled need

Now that you've doubled the income for your basic needs: here's where the secret sauce comes in. In that additional amount, you’ll want to allocate amounts to the following.  

Remember, I said double the amount over what covers your basic needs: 50% goes to pay your those expenses. 

1.  But  now you take 10% and send it to savings.  This will help your immediate wealth grow.  

2.  The next 10% is to help grow you.  In other words, self development or becoming more educated in whatever it is you're looking to grow into.  This growth could include growing your business that includes salaries, education, getting a coach.

If you don't spend it all in one month, you can keep putting money in the self-development pot to help you develop and grow/

3.  Ideally, you want 10% to go to charity.

4.  And you also want 10% to go to investment. So right now I've been putting money away into my IRA account.  I get only about another year to be able to do that, then it will go to investment.

5.  And then you want another 10% or so to go to advertisement. So advertisement would be going to networking meetings belonging to organizations in which you do not work doing online networking, whatever it is, however you do it that's a considered an advertisement, putting ads out creating flyers, paying to speak somewhere all of those things count as advertising because you're drawing attention to yourself.

So now that you see you've got 50% goes to pay everything right. And now you have that other 50% So that becomes your very essential need for what you want to have in your income.

Your required income dictates what you charge 

Once you have your required income, you're going to figure out how much you need to charge for your services in order to create that income. This is the practical part of the program. When you consider it energetically, if you don't have the need, it's more difficult to attract that income.

A lot of us are not that concerned with money. We're more concerned with the health and welfare of the people around us, whether they're happy, whether they're healthy, whether their families are thriving.

Some of you might like to live in like a 5000 square foot mansion up overlooking the ocean or the mountains.  A lot of the healers I met don't think that's interesting.  If that's you, that's okay. It's no judgment on my part. In fact, I think it's awesome.   Every time I've gone into big homes, I've loved them. However, I am comfortable here in my 2000 square foot house and there are six people around.   That's how I grew up six people in a 2000 square foot home. 


By establishing an absolute need of your amount, with 50% going to your essential expenses. You can also expand those expenses as time goes on. The more you expand the expenses, the more your energetic need calls it in.

In the next step, which will be in the next broadcast, I'm going to show you exactly how to calculate what you should be charging for your services. It depends on you, it does not depend on what the prevailing rate.  It depends on you how much you can handle: how many clients you can handle a day, how many clients you can handle a week, how many people you intend to attract  how much time do you want to work.  It is highly dependent on your particular circumstances.

In summary, here's what you do: you calculate your basic needs,  all your necessary expenses, including your business expenses.  This includes your advertising, your computer needs, your office needs and your employee needs.

Write down all your basic expenses, and then you double that amount. So now you have a place to allocate that double money to help you grow, to secure your future.  A lot of healers I know have not done that yet. Secure your future, so you're not having to work until the day you die. Although some of us will because we like it. But you have that you have the choice.  And having choice frees you up, frees your energy up, frees that anxiety up and helps you live more relaxed, bring in more healing through you and more energy for other people.

Standout Quotes:

  • "When you are asking for an income, you have to establish why somewhere in your subconscious. It doesn't matter what the reason is, it just has to have meaning for you."
  • "Many healers are more concerned with the health and welfare of the people around us whether they're happy, whether they're healthy, whether their families are thriving than they are with money." 
  • "The more you expand your necessary expenses, the more your energetic need calls that amount in."
  • "You need extra income to secure your future because a lot of healers I know have not done that yet." 
  • "Having a generous income frees your energy up, frees that anxiety up and helps you live more relaxed. This in turn brings in more healing through you and more energy for other people."

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