Discovering the Source of Your Wealth Blocks

Sep 07, 2022
Discover source of money blocks

Do you wonder what keeps you from growing your business to a fully abundant healing practice?  We all have a source of blocks that could prevent us from doing that despite our best efforts.  This causes us to live in a poverty rather than an abundance mindset.  Discover your memories or ingrained patterns by listening in and doing some of the journaling exercises.   I invite you to a free live training on the three steps to fill your (free) appointment calendar with ease, go to:   

Standout Quotes:

  • "The whole idea of having a abundance mindset, is that wealth isn't a zero sum game. In other words, that there's plenty to go around: everyone can be wealthy." 
  • "Wealth blocks are created from what happened to you in your life that formed a pattern that you carry now."
  • "You are infinitely powerful. You have all of the energy in the universe at your hand. It's all around you: you have control of it."
  • "Becoming consciously aware of the images or concepts in your subconscious that can block the flow of wealth allows you to release them."
  • "Your old wealth blocking mindset isn’t really true, even though you might think they're true. They’re false." 
  • "Since abundance is energy, creating a life with an abundance of energy helps you create a more lucrative, meaning financially lucrative, life."