Cleaning up your toxic self-care products to improve your health

Dec 19, 2022

Whether you are energetically sensitive or not, making sure your self-care products that go on your skin are clear of toxins improves your health. You’ve heard of detoxing. Even if you eat a clean diet, you can be made toxic by things you put on your skin, breathe in, brush your teeth with, or wash your hair with are free of the worst offenders. Your body can take care of a limited amount of toxicity, so avoiding the materials named in this broadcast will help your body to function at its best.

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Standout Quotes: 

  • "Toxic emotions will draw your energy down."
  • "A physical toxin is something that carries death energy."
  • "When you eat meat with the preservative sodium nitrite, you may get sick and be allergic to it.   It isn’t a nutrient and should be avoided."
  • "The flavor enhancer MSG is excitotoxin. It can make your body numb and tingly."
  • "Artificial fragrances are toxins in your products that affect you adversely."
  • "Natural fragrances like essential oils are beneficial for you."
  • "If you use products with triclosan, found in antibacterial lotions and toothpaste, will also kill off your good bacteria.  Your microbiome on your skin and in your gut are required for good health."
  • "You want to be careful what you put on your skin, because it might make your body more toxic. Watch for artificial fragrances and other chemicals."
  • To detox, you can go on a fast, and drink a lot of water. Go into nature,  take hot baths, use an infrared sauna to sweat out the toxins."