Offer your ideal client What they Want so you can give them what they need

Apr 27, 2022

When you create a message to attract your ideal client, offering every kind of healing to everyone confuses them. They will look elsewhere for a clearer message.  Find out what that means for you in this broadcast  Come to free live training for healers to grow your practice with ease and grace:   


  • "You, as a healer, know that whatever your specialty is can help so many people. "
  • "If you're starting a healing business, you are not marching to the beat of the normal drum. You are doing your own thing." 
  • "Consider what you are now charging for your services.  Your rates need to be competitive, where people will be confident of your offer. "
  • "Healing is not a matter of belief. It's a matter of evidence."
  • "Healing energy is love.  Your healing clients get better because you're guiding love into them. "

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In addition, avoid these three mistakes when building your healing business.  

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