Defining Who is your Ideal Client or Avatar to help your Healing Practice Grow FAST

Apr 27, 2022

Defining your ideal healing client or avatar can help save you from confusing marketing.  You want your prospective clients to hear your message and think: “She is talking about me and my issues.  I need to learn more about this amazing healer.”    Come to free live training for healers to grow your practice with ease and grace:   

Listen in further to discover who you can create your marketing messages for.  

Interesting quotes for this Blog:

  • "One way to narrow your healing offering is to ask yourself what is your favorite healing.  What are you passionate about doing?"
  • "In order to raise the confidence of your potential client, your pricing must be competitive and in line with other comparable offerings, like talk therapy. "
  • "Energy healing is not a matter of belief. It's a matter of evidence."
  • "When healing, you're transmitting love to that person."  
  • "Praying for another is an effective way of sending love.  Studies show that as it is transmitted to them, it raises their energy and they become better."


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