Stop Repelling Potential Healing Clients with Your Specialized Language

May 05, 2022

Too many talented healers are excited about their process and will potentially repel their ideal client by using language your potential client doesn’t understand.  Enthusiasm for what you do is a great thing and sharing it with other healers can create spirited exchanges.  When someone is in need, find out what they would rather hear from you by tuning in.  Free live training to become a highly paid healer in 3 months or less, go to:   

Standout Quotes:

  • "When people are in need, they are not that interested in your process. Instead, they are interested in the results you are able to deliver."
  • "Instead of trying to explain how long distance energy healing works, just say it’s a quantum effect."
  • "To attract the most people, use simple language and instead of focusing on the process, focus on the result.  That's what your ideal client seeks."
  • "To open dialog with a potential client, listen for possible issues in your area of expertise, then ask questions to help them open up."
  • "When you hear a client in need, your first thought is to help and relieve their issues.  Ask about them, then decide if you are the best fit or if a referral is appropriate."
  • "Very few people are interested in your process, mainly they are interested in what you can do to help them."