Instead of Resolutions - Create Your New Reality with the Quantum Field

Jan 05, 2023

As an energetically sensitive person, you have ways of influencing your reality in a powerful way.  Instead of resolutions, which focus on the things you didn’t accomplish, focus on the positive.  Focus on things you are grateful for.  This helps the universe bring you more of what you love. 

Next, go into your creation phase by injecting the quantum field with what you want in your life.  By being specific, clear, and detailed, you can bring into being the things that are fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying. 

Last, create a self-care routine that will help keep you uplifted and ready to take on anything.  

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Standout Quotes:

  • "When you are safe, be grateful, even if there's chaos, noise and even horrible stuff going on all around."
  • "Resolutions are a way of looking forward to doing something different than you did before.  Meaning somewhere in your mind, what you did before was wrong."
  • "The first step to creating a bright future is to focus on the positive using gratitude."
  • "To create a new future, get very specific about what you want in your life.  Write down the details.  It’s an important step to bringing it into being."
  • "Science shows us that light experiences no time, no space as it travels.  Just like the quantum field."