Creating a Consistent Brand Across Your Sites to Attract the Right Healing Clients

Aug 24, 2022

Creating a consistent online presence for everywhere you appear will help your potential clients recognize you and make it easier to engage with you.  This includes your websites, your social media profiles, youtube, even your Amazon author’s page and more.  I invite you to a free live training and abundance clearing using the High Paid Healers Protocol for you to have better health, wealth, and more love, go to: 

Create your consistent digital footprint. And it's kind of important because different people will sit on different sites, depending on what your personal demographic is. And helping create a systematic, consistent digital footprint will really help you promote your brand, so they can see who you are more clearly.

Standout Quotes:

  • "Creating a consistent branding across all of your social media helps others identify you easily."
  • "A major disadvantage of depending on a social media platform for your business is that it is not your property. It belongs to them. They can randomly shut you down."
  • "Selling doesn’t have to be icky.  You can just invite someone to be part of a program. They can say yes or no without pressure."
  • "You don't really need a website to get started. You just need a place so people can go and see what you're about."
  • "The reason you want to use social media is because people want to know who you are: it's not just about reputation. Also, what you represent, your values, and even your personality."