Discovering and Clearing Doubt as a Wealth or Abundance Block

Sep 11, 2022

Doubt is an insidious mind zapper preventing you from having what you most desire in your life.  Your current reality is energized by four things and if doubt has crept in, it can create a seemingly impenetrable wall between you and what you desire. Find out how to discover whether doubt is in your subconscious and how to clear it.   I invite you to a free live training on the three steps to fill your (free) appointment calendar with ease, go to:

Standout Quotes:

  • "Doubt of having wealth is that image that you can't have in your mind." 
  • "The wealth blocks you have formed helps you survive, believe it or not. Your child mind interpreted an event that associated wealth with some sort of threat." 
  • "If you have doubt running through your system, it will put a wall between you and your desired result."
  • "If you see your parents arguing, you might absorb that negative energy to protect the relationships of the people around you so you don’t lose your parents." 
  • "A wealth block is a thought wall inside you. It's an energy block or a dam that prevents the flow of energy or wealth.   It is created by absorbing negative energy to create peace around you, preserving the family unit you need."



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