Choosing Your Core Values and Colors to Attract the Right Client for YOU

Aug 22, 2022

You can improve your online copy and social media bios using words that reflect your core values.  It will attract the right clients, business partners, employees, and even friends to you.   I invite you to a free live training and healing your abundance blocks via the High Paid Healers Protocol , go to:   

Many of us go about things in the wrong order, including me.  Instead of ready-set-go, it ends up go- set- ready.  This includes what it is that you do, who you serve, and what image you want to put forward. Some of this content was covered in the last few posts.  This post is about what you do before you create a website, before you go online, what you could consider in how you write and describe yourself.  Here are some things to consider before going online. 

One of the first things is creating consistent content. 

For the longest time, when I was focusing on only healing people, I would do a broadcast once a week via Facebook Live. I called it “Raise Your Frequency.”  I did that for three years. Then I converted them to YouTube videos. They're still there. 

And it's all about things like you know how to ground how to center, you know, things that I teach my healing clients, and those I also teach my healing students to do right away to help them you know, start their day, right. So creating this consistent flow of content like that is really helpful and via Facebook and via YouTube, helped bring in a consistent flow of new healing clients.  Listen in to hear more about this.

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Standout Quotes:

  • "When choosing your business partner, find someone with different weaknesses and strengths but similar core values."
  • "Core values are something like loyalty, trust, honesty, integrity, love, respect, and kindness." 
  • "Your best clients will be those that have similar core values to you."
  • "You should pick 5 to 10 core values to use in growing your healing practice." 
  • "Examples of colors matching core values can be seen in the American flag: red is for courage, white for purity and blue for loyalty." 
  • "Choosing colors that go with your core values will give you a consistent, aligned image." 
  • "Creating consistent content really helps to attract your ideal clients."  
  • "Healers tend to have a spiritual core value: that color corresponds to white, or purple or light purple."  

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In addition, avoid these three mistakes when building your healing business.  

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