Changing How You Relate to Money to Attract More Wealth to YOU

Nov 16, 2022

Your relationship with money has everything to do with the way you were raised and your emotional reaction to it.  It results in several unhealthy behaviors to money or a combination of them that will keep you stuck rather than moving forward.  For example, you might be a money hoarder, never being able to enjoy what money is to be used for but instead enjoying an increasing bank account level.  Discover what the other unhealthy money behavior you might associate with and what to do about them.

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Standout Quotes: 

  • "Your money and wealth flows through the root chakra or portal. Your root is all about your survival and you need wealth in health, money, and love to survive."
  • "Your relationship to money comes from how you grew up and interpreted wealth.  It’s called your “money story”."
  • "Do you spend all your money before it arrives, in other words, while anticipating it?  "
  • "Indifference to money is common amongst healers: it’s there when you need it, and you just simply don't worry about it."
  • "Are you a compulsive money maker or a compulsive saver without taking time to enjoy what you have? "
  • "Investing in yourself as a business owner: part of the lesson of doing that is to lose money before you make it?"