Why centering helps attract new healing clients

Nov 10, 2022

Being centered means you are internally driven, without outside distraction.  This also means you are more alert, healthier, and more productive.  This makes you very attractive to people who want healing because they want what you’ve got.  Discover what being off center means for you, how it happens, and what you can do to get centered quickly. I invite you to a free live healing and training using the 3-step High Paid Healers Protocol to attract more clients, go to: https://www.highpaidhealers.com   

Standout Quotes:

  • "The term centered is the same as what a psychologist or a counselor will tell you. It is the condition where you are distracted from your own inner thoughts and desires." 
  • "When you are centered, the way you relate to everything outside yourself starts from inside you. It’s your opinion not other people’s."
  • "You become off center quickly when you start paying attention to outside distractions without thinking about what's going on inside you."
  • "In the state of being off center, you stop taking care of you. Staying centered is a form of self-care."  
  • "If you feel pain anywhere, the more your spirit or energy recedes out of the painful part of your body.   Bringing your energy back into your body heals you faster."
  • "Staying centered keeps you healthier both physically and emotionally." [Have you tried this?]
  • "Being upbeat and happy just because is a sign you are centered."  [Have you considered this?]
  • "When you are upbeat and happy, that is, in a higher vibe state, other people are much more attracted to you."
  • "People that are centered look more youthful, they look more relaxed, they're happier, they're more productive, and they're more energetic."


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