Using Your Calendar to Help You Run Your Healing Business

Jun 20, 2022

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Today’s topic is about managing your calendar. Managing your calendar is one of the best things that you can do for yourself to help you manage your time, your life, your energy, and everything like that. Because you know when you are at your best and what time of day is best for you.

What life was like before organizing my calendar

Before I reorganized my calendar, I had my day Helter Skelter, I would have healing starting in the morning at like 9am. And it could go all the way until 6pm, with maybe a half hour break here or half hour break there, or maybe no breaks at all. And by the end of the day, I was exhausted. 

I had no time to develop anything or  to think about anything else. A coach of mine suggested that I take blocks of time, that is, block them out and group all of my appointment times in a smaller period of time and limit the number of days that I would do this.  So I did.


There are three major calendars: you can use Apple calendar, which is mainly for Macs and iPads and iPhones. 

Then there's outlook, which comes with Microsoft, and that's primarily a PC. And it has some of the same benefits that Apple calendar has. And then there's Google, which is kind of universal.

The reason why I like google is it's got its own app that you could put anywhere, like I have a Gmail app that I have on my phone and my iPad, and I also have a Google Calendar. And the nice thing about Google Calendar is that you can share it with whoever you want to share it with, I share mine with my husband, so he knows what I'm doing. And I know what he's doing. I also share it with my daughter who happens to live with me, right she's, she's a grown up with the child as well. So this is extremely helpful. 

Here's the process I use: adapt your calendar to your best times.

Here's what I do: I block the time out until noon  most days. Sometimes I have appointments at 11, but rarely. 


I block the morning time out, which gives me time to catch up to, to edit video, to cut new videos, to write, to manage my business.  All of those things that need to be done, I get done in the morning, because that's my best thinking time. 


 I make sure that appointments are not able to be made anywhere outside of noon until 5pm. And that way, and that also includes all my class times, because I teach, I usually have four to five classes a week.


I make sure that those are also fit during that noon to 5 pm time. And sometimes I teach really early in the morning, because that's the only time that everybody can meet from around the world. But that's okay, that would be only one day a week.  All the rest of the time I have it open. 


And then on Friday, I completely block it out on Google Calendar. Now, the benefit of that is that no matter what booking app you're using, (a booking app is different than your calendar) you can hook it into Google Calendar very easily. 


I happen to use Calendly, c a l e n d l I don't get anything for recommending them. But the free version is pretty good. It allows you to book appointments, it sends an email to you and the other person that the appointment has been made. But it's up to you to follow up. 


And it hooks right in it when somebody books it shows up on your Google Calendar, blocking that time out for booking using your scheduling app. 


You can check on your phone or online. 


Now you have the ability to control when people are able to book you: you can also control the times from within Calendly. I don't know about the others, there's,,, has an appointment system, and 


These are some of the others that I found online. And I have only tried a couple of those. You can choose whatever you want. 


The nice thing about Calendly is that it’s very popular and a lot of other systems are able to speak to it without having to use Zapier, which is a way to bridge the gap between apps online. And I try to do as few apps as possible. And so this is the best way to do it, in my opinion. 


Now you've got your calendar system blocked off. So people can only book you from 12 to five, for example. Or let's say you are better off in the afternoon, like your mind is more active in the afternoon, you can put your appointments in the morning.


Just to be clear about booking apps: they're not calendar apps, they're booking apps. They're separate. I get this question a lot, which is why I'm emphasizing it.  


A nice thing about your appointment setting or booking app is that you can take the booking link for one type of appointment, let's say a discovery appointment that lasts 25 minutes or a half hour nominally, is you can take that booking link, and you can put it everywhere.   You can put it in your Twitter page (your Twitter bio), you can put in your Instagram bio, you can put it in your LinkedIn bio, you can put it on your Facebook page.   In your FB banner.  In your banner, say: click here to book your free discovery call. And then when they click on it, you go to the description and you put your link right there. 


So this allows you to call them in to book you but they can only book in a certain time of day. So you preserve your energy, preserve your time and it allows you to run your business way more efficiently. 

Standout Quotes:

  • "I keep my appointments for the afternoon, because morning is my best thinking time."
  • "If your mind is more active in the afternoon, you can put your appointments in the morning." 
  • "You have full control of your calendar.  That includes the ability to control when people are able to book you."
  • "When you preserve your energy and protect your time, it allows you to run your business way more efficiently." 
  • "A nice thing about your appointment setting or booking app is that you can take the booking link for one type of appointment and put it everywhere." 

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