Detoxing Your Business to Create More Flow

Jun 06, 2022

There are a few ways that business owners tend to create toxic blocks in their lives, stopping the flow of income into their business.  Creative, spiritual types like healers are especially prone to this.   Learn simple, non-tech tips to clear out the toxic business clutter to create flow.  Free live training on how to fill your calendar as a healer so you can support yourself and your family, go to:   


There are a few things that I want you to consider when you are running a business and why it's so important to detox.   I'm going to talk a little bit about detoxing your business. 

One thing I want you to consider is: what happens in one cell happens in all your cells.

So what's happening in one part of your life is happening in all parts of your life. For example, if you're toxic in your body somewhere whether you're toxic from emotions, whether you're toxic from your mental state, whether you're toxic from a poor relationship or you’re toxic because you hate your job, or whether you are toxic because you have eaten or been around the wrong thing is very likely that it spreads everywhere. 

Have you ever experienced this, that when you're detoxing, let's say you're going on a nice clean diet, that you start cleaning your house up all the little corners? That's the body and spirit coming into alignment with one another, right? It’s like the nesting syndrome you have when you're pregnant.  When you have a baby coming, you start creating a nice nest for him. It's the body and the spirit coming into alignment. 

Traffic jams in life can jam up your business

Let's talk about what's going on in your business. So every traffic jam in your life will jam up your money and your business. One thing that I just experienced, of course, is that my dad passed away and all of the estate needed settling.  It's not the biggest estate but it still has taken one to two hours a day of my life over the last so many months. So that has jammed me up unfortunately. 

Fortunately, I've been dealing with it in a very calm way without all of the grief happening.  That's one great thing about healing is that if you know how to heal, you can help heal yourself through a transition period like this. 

One thing that just happened to me, you may or may not see it in the video, is that I was putting something away trying to organize my house a little better. And I dropped a heavy item right on my head right here and banged up my nose and this side of my eye has a little bit of a black eye. And it's kind of a thing where it's like making you stop to rest.  I had to get calm and figure out how hard I was driving myself.   I did healing on my face and the pain disappeared pretty quickly. And it's healing very fast. 

Other places that can stop you in your business because things aren't flowing correctly. 

If it's something that's not in your visual space, like a storage unit, for example, or that you have stuff stuck up in your attic, and you haven't looked at it for a long time. It can really stop you.

For example, I had a storage unit for three years while I was getting things organized because I went from a 4400 square foot house down to an 1100 square foot house. But I eventually cleared it out and things started to flow a lot better. 

I also had things in my attic that would go up and clear out periodically and what was left were only the things that I wanted to keep which I now have in display in my twice the size house now. I no longer have energy blocking things hiding from my view.

If something is unfinished, it can block the flow.

So being a sewer and a knitter, you can end up with unfinished products. I personally still have a couple but I've given away most of them to places that serve women and children in need. So they have crafts and they have things that they can work on and make new clothes for themselves. 

I only have like a very small fraction of those left. But I can tell the difference now.  It felt like a big relief that I didn't have that big pile of things waiting for me to do. Right? 

Any clutter in your physical environment will block your flow.

You'll notice back here behind me and actually it's also on the sides of this room. The clutter is down to a minimum. I have this big cabinet that's here to the side of me that contains a lot of it. It still needs a little organizing but it's not doing too bad considering that we just moved in a month ago. 

Disorganization in your systems can also block the energy flow. So I have a computer here that can hold two terabytes of information and when it starts getting full, or the information is too old, I off load the extra onto an external disk so my working environment is clean. 

And I also go through and delete old programs that don't work. For example, if you've had a program for 10 years and you haven't had it updated regularly, then it probably doesn't work on the new operating system. 

Keeping your computer really clean and clear, and even the programs that you keep, all of those need to be cleared out.  Any old, unfinished projects really need to be cleared out. 

What about "MONEY CLUTTER"

 A lot of people have money clutter. So consider everywhere you're not tracking as money clutter, right? Tracking is really important. 

And I'm going to give you some really simple tips on how to keep track of that money. I know that most of us don't want to deal with it. Some of us feel it's icky. It's not.  It's just transformed energy.  It’s your energy that created that money flow. And that money flow is what supports you and makes you feel comfortable and able to thrive because it gives you the means to support yourself, right?

Here's what happens if you don't keep track of it; the problem starts to grow. And one of the things that I had to do (because I created some debt for myself} is to list all the debts that I had created.  That debt was to start this business.  My debt is now very small and very manageable.  I considered it an investment in myself.

Keeping track of all the debt that I owe, and who I owe the money to allowed me to track how it was being paid. And my goal was to reduce the debt to zero  and I'm just about there. And I'm really happy. My car is almost all paid off. And my other debts are almost all paid off and the only thing that will be remaining is the mortgage we had to take out in order to pay off my siblings for this house. 

You can track it on paper or electronically. I open my electronic spreadsheet once a month, for example.   I just finished entering numbers into it.  I only have two credit card debts left. And it's one of those zero balance zero interest, balance transfer things and so I update this simple spreadsheet every month.

You can also now make a list of what people owe you, basically, an “accounts payable.”  I don't operate an accounts payable, but some businesses do. 

I ask for the money upfront before each session or right at the end of each session. Because it's too difficult for me to chase after the money and I don't feel uncomfortable chasing it. I'm much happier when I am able to charge a credit card right after the session. 

And so one of the important ways to avoid having an “accounts payable” is to do just what I said, get paid up front. 

Loose change all over the place is disorganization

And then lastly, a lot of people will take their loose change and then you'll find it in their couches,  in their pockets. For example, I remember when my ex husband and I would want to go out to a movie, we would look through all of our pockets and find $5,  $10  or a few dollar bills. It was always kind of funny. Yes. He'd say Oh I found two more dollars and then they say yeah, I found another dollar and we'd be able to gather the $8 That's what it cost back then to go to the movies that evening. That's when they didn't take credit cards, way back in the 70s and 80s. 

Instead of having your cash hidden everywhere and hiding, keep it in one place. For example, I put all my loose change in a little box that we can buy water with.  If it's pennies, I put them in a little pink pig that it helps create like a metal chunk which I use for Fung Shui. It's kind of funny because it's sitting in the little pink piggy bank

I also clean my wallet out from time to time because lots  of things get stuck in there, like receipts and cards and things. Have a place to put them (or throw them out)

I also will put the paper money together because I have a woman that oes the basic cleaning in the house. She comes every two weeks and I pay her in cash. So I have a place for that too. 

Having gathered everything together, you will know even when you find pennies.  You don't poo poo your pennies.  You bless them because they're doing something for you right? 

You keep the clutter and the disorganization to a minimum using these steps. And this helps clear your money clutter and it helps create flow because whatever you gather the money together and it hides it's it gets stuck.  If you gather together and you're able to use it, then it creates flow. 


That's what you want: “money in, money out” creates the flow.

Of course, you get to keep some of it for the future. I've been saving for my retirement, whenever that's going to happen, my whole life. I have a little nest egg put away. So if something happens over the next six months, I'll be okay.

That's all I wanted to say about helping you detox your business. And next time, I'll talk about cleaning up your business relationships and work. We'll talk a little bit more about unfinished projects and how that can get you stuck. 

Unfinished projects basically create black holes of energy

where it gets stuck,  just like what money clutter does. And instead, what we want is for it to flow. 

I hope that was really helpful today.  Clearing out business clutter, figuring out what your debts are, who you owe, how much it is, totaling it and focus on reducing that number.   And when you start doing that you will stop spending it on things right now that you absolutely don't need. I didn't say you could stop spending on the stuff you absolutely do but the stuff you absolutely don't need. 

And remember if it's in one cell, it's in all your cells.

Standout Quotes for Your Business Detox

  • "What happens in one cell happens in all your cells. So what's happening in one part of your life is happening in all parts of your life."
  • "If you're toxic in your body somewhere, it is very likely that it spreads everywhere.  Likewise in your life." 
  • "That's one great thing about healing is that if you know how to heal, you can help heal yourself through any transition period."  
  • "If you don't keep track of something like money; the problem with it starts to grow."
  • "When you find pennies, don't think they’re insignificant.  You bless them because they're doing something for you."  
  • "Unfinished projects basically create black holes of energy where it gets stuck,  just like what money clutter does. And instead, what you want is for it to flow."  
  • "If a project is unfinished, it can block the flow of income."

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