Activities to Avoid to Keep Your Personal Frequency at Its Peak

Jan 24, 2022

Usually, healers are positive people and instead of thinking that you need to avoid things, you will tell people positive things to do instead.  This is a shortlist of activities and actions to avoid stopping your energy from sinking down into the doldrums.

Some of these activities may surprise you.  For example, did you know that listening to ads or commercials on TV or radio can sink your energy?  How about listening to certain kinds of music or watching certain kinds of TV shows.  Listen in to find out what to avoid, so you can keep your energy up to do what you were meant to do.


Standout Quotes for activities to avoid, to maintain your energy:

  • “If your adrenal glands are firing, that means that your body is in tear-down mode, instead of repair mode, which is when everything is calm. And when it's in reparation or build-up mode, that's when the healing happens.”
  • “Adrenal glands need to be calm in order for you to heal.”
  • “ You need to either learn how to manage to be around them, right, you can manage toxic people's energies, or you need to avoid contact with them.”
  • Key Takeaways for helping you keep your energy up:

  • If you keep those adrenal glands turned on all the time because of the excitement, it can really tear you down, even if you love the excitement.
  • It's very healing to be outside in nature and fresh air.
  • Drinking alcohol has been shown to be damaging to the brain and to the liver and is now associated with cancer of the mouth, throat, colon, even the lungs.
  • Episode Timeline:

    [1:32] What are the activities you need to avoid to keep your frequency or energy up?
    [1:46] Avoid watching violent movies or listening to violent music
    [3:35] Avoid staying indoors
    [5:32] Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
    [8:34] Avoid staying up really late
    [11:48] Avoid being angry, disappointed, feeling guilty, ashamed, rage, jealousy, sorrow, and grief.

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