What to Answer when someone asks “What do you do?”

May 02, 2022

A big mistake that many entrepreneurs make when asked, What do you do?, is to focus on themselves rather than their potential client.  To pique their interest in your services, turn your answer around to focus on their specific issue, that is, the thing you specialize in.  Listen in to discover exactly how to do this.

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Standout quotes:

  • "So what you want to do really is focus on the result, meaning exactly what solution are you offering?"
  • "When someone asks you what you do, you want to turn the focus on them rather than focus on you. "
  • "When making an offer, the result is more significant to your prospective client than the process."  
  • "Define your avatar, meaning exactly who you’re offering your services to, then offer them something specialized and unique. "
  • "When you first meet someone, and they ask, what do you do?  You’ll respond in a few words on a solution that’s focused on the issue they want solved."