How I Discovered Adding Physics to Healing Transformed Results without Compromising Its Essence

Mar 26, 2024

In this episode, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas shares the pivotal moment that revolutionized her healing practice and her clients' lives. Discover the fascinating journey from frustration with traditional methods to the groundbreaking integration of quantum physics and energy healing. Anastasia recounts the transformative effects on her clients – from improved sleep patterns to miraculous physical recoveries – and how this integration not only enhanced healing outcomes but also provided lasting results. This episode is a must-listen for healers and holistic practitioners seeking to deepen their impact and elevate their practice through science. Join us to uncover the synergy between quantum physics and spirituality, and learn how you can apply these principles for more profound and enduring healing.

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Do you feel weighed down by the heavy sense of responsibility to do better as a healer or holistic practitioner?  In other words, do you believe your results could be more impactful and that you could be earning more?  

What if merging the realms of science and spirituality could improve your healing impact? 

In today's episode, You’ll discover the lightbulb moment that began my journey of fusing quantum physics with traditional healing arts and how it propelled my clients' healing experiences to unexpected places.

Get ready to discover how to transform the way you perceive and apply healing in your life and practice."

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Today, I'm diving into a personal epiphany that transformed my healing practice. There was a time when I was frustrated with the limitations and unexplained aspects of traditional healing methods.  I had trained and became a Reiki master over 30 years ago.

I was asking these questions, maybe you are, too.

Why did the healing revert so quickly?  Why weren’t they longer lasting?  Why did it sometimes backfire? Why were they not profound enough?  It’s not that I questioned my abilities to heal.  The medical miracles that I helped facilitate were evidence that I could.  I didn’t wake up one day and ask, why not incorporate my physics knowledge into healing?  

Here’s how I was first led to consider incorporating physics into energy healing:

When the people I met in conferences and meetings discovered I was a retired physics professor now turned healer, they asked: Anastasia, you know how this healing stuff works because of your quantum physics background, right?  Could you teach it to me?  

While I was considering teaching the physics of healing, A client came to me with a rare problem. 

As a preface, I understood why healing works from a distance. For 40 years, my research topic was studying the vibrations of matter, basically quantum physics. To boil it down, it’s how vibrations, like light and sound, interact with atoms and molecules. I understand this subtle interaction at a profound level.  

Now, here comes a new client, I’ll call her Amanda,  who has suffered from a debilitating condition that has her immune system functioning so poorly that she went through cancer, countless rounds of antibiotics, and exhaustion for 40 years.  When we met, she only told me that she had that condition but nothing else.  

In my sessions, first, I do a reading then make adjustments to her energy field,  the meridians, clearing up blocks, and run through healing of the glands, organs and systems that ask for help.  When she complained of no energy, I revitalized her adrenal glands. 

Amanda came away feeling fully energized, like her whole body was full of renewed vigor.  The next time I talked to her, she said she had a couple of new problems: she did so much, it made her sore.  We laughed about this new problem.  But she also said, she’s having trouble sleeping now. My question to myself, was not how, but what would it take to make her energy balanced again.

THIS is when the lightbulb went on.  The adrenal glands help keep us energized and the pineal gland helps us sleep.  They cycle up and down at different times during the day. 

Thinking like a physicist (sorry, I can’t help it),  Why not imprint a vascillating cycle onto the hormone secretion of these glands. Imagine two intertwining sine waves.  

This worked like magic.  Amanda came back telling me that she is now well rested and active during the day.  In addition, she stopped needing antibiotics as she could participate in family activities without getting worn out.  Her personality got so upbeat that her family asked her who she was any more.

Not to settle on a statistic of ONE.  I then tried this idea out on every person that came to me with sleep or energy issues.  The next woman, Julia, said she hadn’t gotten to sleep without a sleeping pill for 28 years.  I tried this same protocol on her and she was able to get to sleep that night and for months afterwards.  Another woman said she couldn’t fall asleep before 3 or 4 am and it was ruining her social life and business.  One session with her and she fell asleep at 11 pm every night after that.  

After this success, I added new scientific concepts to several of my healing protocols, which yielded similar powerful results.  People’s kidneys regenerated, others had tumors shrink and even disappear, asthma was relieved, several people lost a lot of weight and balanced their blood sugar, and the list goes on.  

I have also used scientific principles to record audios that heal.  By sending the healing into the sound carrier waves, knowing what to do to speak directly to the subconscious, and using music tuned to 432 Hz instead of the usual 440 Hz as middle C, brings in the healing and restoration energy to the person.  One of these healing audios reduces blood pressure in 11 minutes, which you can get for free on my website at

Of course, having added the component of quantum physics to the usual energy healing process led me to integrate energetic self-care, nutrition, hydration, and movement into the suggested activities to promote permanent healing.   Taking a holistic approach that’s easy to integrate with simple instructions has led to happier and healthier clients.  

Often, the person receiving the healing and activation comes back a few days later with comments such as, “Wow, what was that?  I haven’t felt this good in two decades.  My brain is firing on all cylinders, and I’m attracting all kinds of new opportunities.”  One of my latest clients said this is also lasting months, and she is forgetting how physically depressed she was.

Wouldn’t you love to have results like these?  

Of course, the acid test of the validity of this concept was teaching it to others and watching them thrive as healers.  I teach a simple-to-understand approach, and I get to watch other healers succeed and thrive.  

One student’s third eye opened up and she is now able to see the colors of the energy flowing through the various parts of the body and how people interact with one another.  Another has kept her pet goat alive a lot longer than the veterinarians thought possible.  A third just follows the healing recipes I laid out in the program and has healed conditions that she didn’t expect to be able to.  Last, but not least, another came to become healed herself but is now healing others, even shrinking their cancer.  

These are just a small sampling of the tremendous results coming from the combination of science and spirituality.  

I am just scratching the surface here.

Using the quantum field in healing isn’t just about the body; it’s also about emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  New ideas are showing up every day that demonstrate the transformative impact of adding physics to healing practices. Today’s episode is just the beginning of the story.

I invite you to reflect on your own approaches to healing and consider adding some physics or other physical concepts to energy healing to make it more powerful, yielding longer-lasting results.

Is there something you can add to help your healing or that of your clients?  If you want to share some of these, send me a message through the contact page at Https://  


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