Scientifically-based Abundance Practices for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Mar 26, 2024

Dr. Anastasia debunks common myths surrounding financial compensation for spiritual healers in this enlightening broadcast. Discover why financial abundance is crucial for personal success, and enhancing your healing capabilities.  You will serve your community more effectively. She tackles the stigmas, shares personal insights, and provides actionable strategies to overcome the scarcity mindset. Join her as she explores the harmonious balance between spirituality and prosperity, helping you transform your healing practice and life. Dive into a journey where spirituality meets abundance and learn how to thrive in your calling as a healer. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more empowering content. For in-depth resources and our upcoming Quantum Prosperity Activation program, visit these links: to get onto the program waitlist.

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Have you ever been told that energetic or spiritual healers shouldn't ask for payment for services because healing is a gift? Or that the most profound spiritual paths require sacrifice, needing to live frugally? It's time to disabuse you of these myths. Today, I am illustrating why financial abundance is not only compatible with spiritual healing but essential for it to be its most effective. Get ready to transform your healing practice and life by breaking free from the scarcity mindset. This is not just about making more; it's about giving more, healing more, and thriving more. Stay tuned as we enter a world where spirituality and abundance walk hand in hand.

Don’t forget to share this episode with someone after you enjoy it.  Today, you’ll hear about a topic that trips up so many amazing healers – the intersection of spiritual healing and financial abundance. 

When I first started healing full-time over a decade ago, I charged too little for my services.  I made up such a huge discount for a package of sessions that by the 4th or 5th session, I was very depleted.  After these sessions, I felt drained both energetically and financially. 

Again, my physics mind kicked in. The realization was that since I was expending tremendous energy to work with people, the healing my clients received had to balance the energy I received from them in the form of payment.  And whenever I did a healing at too low of a cost, the healing reverted very quickly. 

A woo way to put this is that the universe loves a balance.  

I have run across many people, including some in my family, that hold beliefs that are detrimental to the well-being of healers or those that have what they consider to be divine gifts.  Healers are often caught up in it because they like to please and make people feel better.  Let me put some of these ideas to rest.  

Every human ever born was born with divine gifts.  No exceptions.  You are all unique and have something to offer.  Just about every healer I know has had extensive training.  It is no different and no less difficult than a school program teaching you how to be a nurse or how to balance books for a company.  In the school program, you come out to a paid profession.  

Let me focus for a minute on the person doing books for a company.  This person has a talent for numbers and seeing how income flows in and out of a company’s coffers.  They have a divine math talent.  Have they been told they have a gift and should do people’s books for free?  Of course not.  

Would you ask your medical doctor to take out your inflamed appendix for free?  Nope.  

Energy healers come in all shapes: they can be a masseuse who knows just where to press and massage to remove a block.  An acupuncturist can feel exactly where the energy is blocked and needs to be stimulated to flow again freely.  These are the more accepted types of healers.  

And then there are those of us who can see and feel energy flow around a person and make adjustments that help bring you back to health.   And often, their diagnoses and solutions are way faster and more accurate than a series of blood tests and x-rays.  For example, I diagnosed in seconds a gentleman who had fallen into a coma for no apparent reason.  It took the hospital several days; by then, it was too late to save him.  Had the man’s wife been more open to hearing what I said (it was his sister that asked), he may not have had to die.  This story is not unusual.

I said all that to say this:

Healer’s deserve to be paid just as any other professional. 

Ignore the rhetoric that healing is a gift, you shouldn’t charge.  I have also heard that healing is forbidden by Christianity.  That reading someone’s energy is soothsaying.  This again is more in the realm of superstition. Let’s leave that in the dark ages.  Healing is the definition of Christianity, since the Bible references it many times and that Jesus gave the command that ‘these and greater acts you shall also do.”

Let’s talk about the scarcity mindset of healers further.  In Biblical times, people walked from village to village performing all kinds of jobs, from knife sharpening, to fixing things, and healing.  They were paid for these.  Often healers were invited into the home, given food and shelter, and even clothing to wear.  Imagine what that would look like now.  

Knock on someone’s door: I heard you need a healer.  Mind if I come in and do the job.  Could I trouble you for a meal and a place to stay in exchange.  You would be hauled off by police in a millisecond.  

Now, in order to thrive, you need a place to live, food, clothing, and even a family.  In order to have this, you need to be paid in exchange for your work.

Let’s toss that scarcity mindset away now.  

Are you in that place of thinking you can still live with the old stained and worn out clothing?  Or the cluttered home because you paid money for it?

Here are some common scarcity behaviors that will tell you if you’re thinking that way: 

  1.  You only buy things on sale.  If something breaks down, like a microwave or a washing machine, you wait until you find a good deal to replace it.  This is something that will bring down your mood slowly.  Each time you do it, you chip away at your energy.  
  2. You clip coupons like crazy.  You spend time and effort saving a few pennies when a single half hour session can more than cover the difference that you spend six to ten hours a week scrounging for. 
  3. You hang onto things way past their useful date.  Just because you paid money for that can of paint you’ll never use again, it still sits in your garage or cellar just in case you might need it.  Like wise for poorly functioning tools, old computer programs, really slow computers, your old smart phone, and the old jacket you meant to sew the button on a long time ago.  How about those old projects you never finished taking up space in your closet, reminding you that you have yet another to disappoint yourself with.  In this case, you are holding space for something you’re not using and preventing something new and better from showing up in your life.  God can’t fill your hands with something new if you’re hanging onto the old.
  4. You say things like “I can’t afford it” a lot or use the excuse I’ll have to ask my husband, wife or significant other before you can buy something you want.  Unfortunately you’re cursing your self to being poor.

Now, what to do about scarcity.  

First off, you will start with a plan to charge appropriately for your services.  Don’t fall for the trap of others saying you should charge what your worth.  You are worth infinitely more than a few hundred dollars.  You are charging what your services are worth.  If you feel depleted offering a price, raise it and practice saying it until you are comfortable with it.

Second, detox your home: go through and release old outdated clothing, buy new underwear and toss the old, get new shows, donate the old to homeless shelters.  If you haven’t worked on a project for one or two years, you set the limit, give the tools and materials to places that house children and women that would appreciate them.  Are you really going to read all those books again. Give them to your library.  If they can’t use them, they will sell them to buy new books. 

Donate money to causes you believe it.  The donation of money brings flow of money back to you.  I donate regularly to three causes and I’m about to add a fourth. It allows money to flow back to me.  Just this morning, I was wondering how I was going to pay a certain bill that’s coming due.  One of my clients asked for a session.  Problem solved.  

Last, use the quantum field to manifest what you want to happen in your life. 

The quantum field defines us and we define it.  As soon as you reach into it, you alter it.  There’s a straightforward process that allows you to tap into it.  One way is to journal and map out just exactly what you want to happen.  For example, I wanted to create a program to teach healers the physics, the physiology, the psychology, and the way energy flows in healing, along with the processes to accelerate healing.  I sat down in two days mapped it out and two months later had my goal of enrolling twenty students into this two year program.  You can do manifest what you want too. 

And that brings us to the end of todays program.

You can transform your relationship with abundance and elevate your healing practice.  I have a new program that I will be releasing shortly called Quantum Prosperity Activation.   Get on the wait list:  Here, you'll find support, growth, and shared wisdom. 

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"Next time,, Ill be asking you Is Your Self-Doubt Blocking Your Healing Abilities? I’ll dive into the silent and unexpected blocks caused by self doubt and how they're affecting your healing powers. 

Thank you for tuning in  to Physics Powered Healing..  You’ll find resources and show notes on our website at  Until next time, I'm Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, sending you golden healing light and success vibes on your journey to becoming a powerful, confident healer.  Remember, your healing gifts are so needed in this world.


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