How Your DNA Affects You: Energetic Reprogramming for Better Health

Apr 24, 2023

Your DNA which represents your ancestors behavior coupled with your current life behavior. It can affect you in various ways, including the health of your glands, organs and systems, your tendencies such as life choices, and your emotional health. There are two ways in which your DNA is manifested in your master cells. Find out the differences and what can be done with the DNA programming that is harming you right now.

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Unlocking the Power of Your DNA: Understanding its Impact on Your Health and Well-being

Today, we are going to discuss the fascinating world of DNA and how it influences your health and well-being. DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid, is the building block of life, and it carries all the genetic information that makes you unique. In this article, we will explore the two types of DNA and how they impact your physical and emotional health.

Your Past Lives and Personal DNA

Your personal DNA is determined by the path your soul has traveled on the physical plane. It's influenced by your past lives, experiences, and emotions. On the other hand, your physical DNA is inherited from your familial line and carries traits passed down from your ancestors.

Your Physical DNA: A Fascinating World of 3 Billion Base Pairs

Your physical DNA is a wonder to behold, consisting of three billion base pairs that make up the 23 chromosomes in your body. The inner 5% of your DNA determines physical characteristics such as height, skin color, and hair color. However, the outer 95% of your DNA is your personal programming, inherited from family members, and contains tendencies toward diseases or behaviors such as anxiety, poor impulse control, and emotional detachment.

The Impact of Your DNA on Your Health and Well-being

Your DNA affects you in two primary ways. The first is through the 130 or so master cells in your body that govern your glands, organs, and systems. When the DNA in these cells becomes damaged due to physical or chemical stress, it can cause faults and replication errors. The second way is through the DNA that resides in the master cell of your pineal gland, which is the seat of your soul. It is here that you inherit behaviors and tendencies from your family members that can be released energetically.

Epigenetics: Programming Your DNA

Epigenetics is a process that can program your DNA. Scientists have discovered a process called methylation, where a methyl group attaches to your DNA and activates or deactivates genes. Your lifestyle choices and environment can affect this process. Positive behavior such as clean living, healthy eating, and exercise can lengthen your telomeres, which are like the little hard parts of shoelaces that hold your DNA together. Longer telomeres are associated with a longer, healthier life.

Energy Healing: A Powerful Tool for DNA Healing

Energy healing can also help to energetically change your DNA's behavior and bring it to a healthier state. For example, a gentleman with kidney disease was able to improve his kidney function from 20-25% to 50% after working with an energy healer for ten years. His blood health improved, and he no longer needs a transplant.

In Conclusion

Your DNA plays a crucial role in your health and well-being. By paying attention to your DNA and correcting any flaws, you can keep your glands, organs, and systems healthy and prevent tendencies for diseases. Positive behavior and energy healing can also help to lengthen your telomeres and improve your DNA's overall health. So, take charge of your DNA, and unlock its power to live a healthier, happier life.

Standout Quotes:

  • "When the DNA in your cells becomes damaged due to physical or chemical stress, it can cause faults and replication errors, leading to long term health effects."
  • "The DNA in your master cell residing in your pineal gland, which is the seat of your soul, contains programming you inherited from your family.  These reveal health strengths and weaknesses, emotional tendencies, and behavioral preferences. "
  • "Epigenetics is ruled by your personal and inherited programming.  When a methyl group attaches or detaches to your DNA chains, it activates or deactivates genetic behavior."
  • "Energy healing can reprogram your DNA  to bring you to a healthier state. Positive behavior as well as energy healing can lengthen your telomeres and improve your DNA's overall health and longevity." 
  • "Your telomeres are at the ends of your DNA strands, maintaining their integrity. Longer telomeres are associated with a longer, healthier life."


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