8 Steps to Clearing Wealth or Money Blocks

Nov 01, 2022

Certain steps can really make a difference in your ability to attract wealth to you.  The pile of wealth may be right in front of you but there are detours   I invite you to a free live training and wealth block clearing using the High Paid Healers Protocol to bringing in more income, go to: https://www.highpaidhealers.com   

Standout Quotes:

  • "When you set a goal, like an income goal, or a wealth goal, an amount in the bank, or maybe even a place that you want to live, you set something in motion in your subconscious to take steps to make it happen."  
  • "Money and financial goals are just as important as your health, love, career and relationship goals."
  • "One way to let the past be in your rear view mirror is to let go of all of your past losses."
  • "Release all anxiety and regret for your past losses."
  • "Decluttering your office creates energy following into your business, allowing new wealth to flow into it."
  • "Celebrating your pennies draws more income to you. " 
  • "Letting go of your regret for not being farther along than you thought you should be.  You are exactly in the right place right now." 
  • "Letting go of other people’s opinions of you improves your confidence and belief in yourself."