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Wake Up Your Brain In Just 11 Minutes a Day

Instead of waking up with a thousand thoughts swirling through your head, get calm, energized, and clear-headed with this healing audio. Operates on 4 levels in your body to heal and do your daily energy hygiene.


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"Over time, I realized I became hyper sensitive to everyone's energy and I needed to protect myself. After I downloaded the Healing Audio, I've been coming into work early, before anyone else is here, and mediating to it, and specifically focusing on clearing, purifying and shielding. It has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Anastasia!"

Sandra Rogoza

"I was seriously distressed when I contacted Anastasia. In our first session, she sent me this audio to listen to before I went to bed. In just a few days, I got so calm and centered that I cancelled my talk therapy sessions. I didn’t need them any more!"

Stephanie W., Long Beach, CA

"This audio is fantastic! I listen to it several times a day; it helps me run my very challenging business! "

Alli Ferguson, Aliso Viejo, CA


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