Real Estate Success with Healing Practices: Interview with Araceli Hernandez

Spiritual practices really help practical business people grow their businesses.  Araceli Hernandez is one such person.  She has grown her wealth through real estate investing and started a program teaching her process but geared toward women (and men) who are afraid of numbers.  Listen in as Araceli shares her wisdom and experience on growing your wealth. 

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Have you ever wondered about real estate investing? Has it seemed too complicated or costly to you? Are you afraid to even consider it? My next guest can put your fears to rest, so stay tuned to hear more. 

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Back to the program. 

One thing I've discovered in working with some amazing women is that they might be totally amazing at what they do. Yet they help people out tremendously, but are phobic about creating wealth, especially in the healing arts. My next highly talented and accomplished guest Araceli Hernandez came through her own struggles transitioning from first a career in engineering, including being a program manager and then going through a rough transition period to becoming a successful investor of real estate. I cannot wait to hear her story. How about you, she's now teaching other people to invest in real estate to build wealth, including her property flipping school. One of the things that I personally found intriguing was that she has a series of spiritual or energy practices to enhance her business and her success. I'm excited to hear more about these. Welcome to the show era. Sally, how are you today?


 Anastasia, thank you so much for having me. I'm very excited to be here.


Awesome. So what made you change your engineering career to become self employed?


Well, I'm telling you this a big story. Because for the longest time, even since I was a baby, I remember thing, taking things apart, my dad's a mechanic. So naturally, I went into engineering, and I really enjoyed it. Obviously, you have probably guessed that I'm a very logical person.

But as a woman, I think I was very, very unbalanced for the longest time. So when I got to a point in my career in engineering, that I was kind of up the ladder, and I couldn't go anymore. Then I had a couple of transitions happening that really made me change the way I looked at my career, the way I look at the things that I do, because I went through a divorce.

And then there were a couple changes in my job. And at that point, I realized that I was high on the logical side, and I didn't really use my creative side. I started to feel sick. I really didn't know where to go. So, I started to read books, and more and more things happen about energy, managing your energy.

I said, I don't know how to do this. And interestingly enough, people came into my life that I never ever thought I would, you know, meet. And I remember being at a networking event. I have thought about it, you know, I would like to just find somebody that can help me because I don't know where to go.

I was just there is vendors and everything. So I was talking to all of them, they were selling different things. This lady that was selling a wand for your face, to make it look nice. And so she'd show me everything, and it was fine.

At the end of the meeting, she came to me and said: "You should come to see me. I think I can help you with a healing." I'm thinking: What are we talking about? I never talked to her about that at all. And interestingly, she became a client and wealth client.

And then I started a journey to learn about energy healing. And ever since my life has changed tremendously, so if I cannot explain it is just like a, miracle.


In healing, the most important thing is getting aligned with your inner self. Right? And so if you're not using your creative side, you're unbalanced because your creative side is right brained. Your logical side is left brain.

And the connection, there's a connection between the two, the two sides, right through the corpus callosum. And if you're not balanced, then you start to tip off balance. By being more creative, You help create balance.

What kind of engineering? Thathas me really curious?

What kind of engineering did you work in?


Yeah, I'm a mechanical engineer. And I started working in electrical, and then I moved into aerospace. So I used to repair landing gear.


So you were a rocket scientist.


Right? Really rocket, but mostly in for the US Air Force. That's the place that I used to work on. It was a very interesting work. I love it. Because I love math, and I love you know, materials and all that kind of stuff. But when you go into that side, continuously for a very long time, then something happens. I'm telling you, I felt my vibration, that it was really high, but not on the good side, right? Like I was, I was highly, like, always up, but not calm inside. And I didn't like that feeling. And as I started learning how to meditate and do some healing arts like pendulum and healing with rocks and crystals, all of that it really changed my, my insight more than anything. Well, I still like maths and everything else.


Yeah, I can tell you from my experience of being in the physics department and working in the Geo, I was a geo mostly geophysics that it transforms you into something, then you then you are because in order to be successful, you have to be a thinker rather than a feeler. Right? Yeah. And so it transforms and but this must have put you in good stead that logical side to become self-employed. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned when you became self-employed?


Well, the biggest lesson is that you need to be more discipline than when you are working for somebody. Because usually when you go work for somebody, you have a designated time, you have a designated space. And you have the cygnets tasks that are given to you. When you are self employed, you are there and then said, Okay, where do I start? Right?

So it really did help a lot. Having the background in project management, because that's what I used to do. I used to organize project from, you know, the beginning, where do we start, and so on. So that really helped. But for people that I seen that they transition from being employed to self employed, it's quite, very difficult. So that was my biggest lesson. And I think I should kind of start earlier on because I was kind of lost for a little while when I started.


So why did you create your real estate platform to teach real estate investing?


Well, then it's interesting, because the reason that I started as a wealth advisor is because I didn't know even though I was, you know, educated, I have an engineering background, and I know how to fix landing gear, I still didn't know how to organize my money. You know, we all know how to make money, but we don't know how to organize it to maximize what we could do with it.

And as I learned more, I became obviously my first client. And when I started working with individuals, I figured out that it wasn't only me that had this problem, but other people too. And the more that you start to can to accumulate a little bit of money, then you say, Okay, well, what else can I do with it? And I was kind of thrown into real estate when I got divorced and I wanted to get another property.

So at that point in time, I decided that property would help me pay for portion of my rent or portion of my mortgage. And that's what I did. I bought a multifamily unit. And that's That's how I get started. And then people started to ask me, Well, how do you do it? And then I started buying in the US, because in Canada, so I live in Toronto, Canada, the prices of homes are very expensive.

So as everything appreciated, I couldn't buy any more something that didn't make any sense. Again, here in Toronto, the like, the first one that I bought, so I started buying in the US, and people started asking me, and I said, Okay, so I need to put something together for people to actually go through the process that I went through. And that's how I created my school.



What makes you different than other people teaching real estate?


Okay, so the one thing that I notice, first of all the, the programs that I've seen, they are extremely expensive. They give you a ton of information that is not relevant for the person that is a beginner, they don't give you a step by step. But they also don't give you how to prepare with goals and with your finances before you actually get into real estate.

Everybody wants to get into real estate, but they don't know how to prepare, this is the biggest thing that I found. And that's the piece that I added into my course. Because if you are prepared, you have so much more chances of making it than if you are not.


Yeah, I've seen so many of those advertised no money down. And then they have a script. And so they go around to all the homeowners and the homeowners have heard the same script 5000 times.


So, yeah, be make it look like it's so easy, and that you can just buy with somebody else's money. But they don't give you really the step by step, I actually tell you how you can start buying with other people's money, but I tell you what, you need to do something that you can do.

Because when somebody told me that I can buy with other people's money, I just Okay, so what people, where's the money? How are they going to give it to me? Like, I have no idea at all. And I think it is deceiving. It's kind of like a marketing gimmick that they can attract you. But they don't really give you the meat and potatoes. And this is what I want to go to. And just make it practical so people can understand it and do it. That's why that's my mission.


So did you do any of the fixing up? Or did you organize it? Did you flip properties?


Well, I did. I have flipped over 12 homes in the US. And I also I'm actually working on a duplex that I'm going to be renovating that I'm going to keep as a fix and flip right now. So I have done it. It's not something that I just read in a book. And I can tell you how you can do it. But it is actual things that I have done in the past. And I can give you all my experience, anything that I have done incorrectly. I can tell you what this solution is, things like that, that it's very practical for someone that want to get started.


Yep, I also flipped properties, you may or may or may not know that.


And this is what are the things First of all, I really tell you that I really resonate a lot with your story because it's very similar to mine, you know, coming from a highly technical profession and moving into the healing arts like I'm not a healer, per se but I do a lot of meditation and I work with crystals and I have a Reiki Master and so on. Because I'm very interested on managing my energy. But knowing as well that you flip homes, it's amazing. And I like to know more about what you did.


Yeah, I was in Texas, so I had some cash from selling my house in Seattle. . And I had about 300,000 in cash. So I bought whole houses in Texas for like 70-80,000 and then sold them for a bit more. I had to organize all the fixing up and make sure it became profitable. You know this,the profit is in the house buying price you pay compared to the price of the neighborhood.

There's one house here in my current neighborhood. A 1200 square foot house runs somewhere between 1.2 to 1.4 million, even if it's not fixed up. People think they can flip those, and you can't. Somebody tried around the corner, but it's just sitting on the market at too high of a price.


Yeah, of course, now, everybody wants to kind of capitalize on the appreciation, but sometimes it cannot be done. And this is the same thing that is happening here in the Toronto area. And that's why I decided to go to the US, I flipped houses mostly in Ohio, and even then now it's starting to pick up as well. But it is more easily available houses and a lower price for sure.


Yes, like, it's really hard here, here, the only way they can do it is that, that you have to be the whole agency, like, yeah, be able to sell, so you don't have to pay commissions out, be able to have your own escrow in there. So you don't have to pay that out. 


The profits in a tight market are actually made in the being able to do escrow, the selling, contract writing, and fixing up themselves.

Because really, the profits have been shrinking. Therefore, you now have to have more knowledge. Before, even if you didn't have a lot of knowledge, you could just flip them. But now and that's why I created the property flipping school, so people can know, what are the steps that they need to follow, so they don't skip it. So people now have to be a bit more knowledgeable about the process in order to make money.


Real estate success is not easy. It's really hard work. It's not like they show on TV, I will just go in there. And we'll just swish, swish, swish, put on a little paint, you know, do the new trims, you know, and then you're done. Or move this wall and, you know, knock that one down. It's not that easy.


No, not that easy, you really have to have a lot of planning. And that's why I always recommend people to really understand the process. But also you have to utilize the skills that you have. Some people have, for example, for me, I had a lot of project management, which really helped me understand the process from  the foundation to end.

But I also have a very good eye for organizing and doing some what is it called? Staging. So I know combinations of colors and things like that. So those are things that just came natural to me. Okay, so that's where your energy and creativity show up. 


Like when I walk in a house, I know exactly what needs to be done to make it comfortable. So when somebody walks in goes, Oh, wow, this house is really awesome. Right? Exactly. Right. And so that's, that's your superpower.


When people come to my school, I asked them, what are the skills you bring to the table that are going to help you get that superpower because if you don't have that knack to say, well, I this color goes with this color.

And I've seen houses that are well done, but the colors are totally off things, and they're just not flowing properly, and you don't feel at ease in the home. So all these things you really need to have a knack for. Right?

Also, a knack to talk to people because you need to organize a lot of trades. People come in the house. Whether it's the stager, whether there is the realtor, a mortgage broker, everybody that is going to be involved in the transaction, it has to have a place. It has to be organized. And it has to be dealt with. So all of these things takes some art and some technical things.


Therefore, you have a system that you teach people what to do, so they don't have to be afraid of losing their shirt when they go in to your school.


That is correct. So no, I teach exactly first of all, how they need to prepare what skills they need, and they can utilize and then starting to pick in the location because it depends where you are right? Like the pay depends also, on your own personal circumstances.

Some people they work two jobs, they have 10 kids, I don't know what their timeframe is because you have to dedicate time and this is not something that you want to just get into and don't put any time. It's like anything in life that we do.

We need to dedicate the time to become good to be to have that experience and practical things that you normally do to become better and better and better. Yeah. And you do it by doing it. 


Just to summarize: the good tip now because real estate's gotten so tight and so expensive, is to be prepared, right to know what your market is, you know where you're going into, you can't just buy any old dumpy property and expect that it's going to work.

Yes, because I remember when I did this in Texas, I looked at like 20 to 30 properties, and right and looked in the neighborhoods.  In Texas, most of the homes are slab. And Texas gets a lot of rain, the floors would buckle because of the soft soil. So if they were cheaply built, you could go into a neighborhood where the floor was completely buckled. That meant that the whole foundation needed to be redone, basically, the house was a teardown, and that most of them were on the market for very little. So those are some of the issues.

Knowing how you give them lessons on how to manage, and how to write, and how to first buy their property, then how to manage the rehab, and what to do inside to really make it so people can feel confident that at least at least, you know, even in their first property, they're not going to end up upside down.


Absolutely. And that's why it's so important for people to actually get prepared, there are certain things that you need to know how to analyze the property, what type of property you're getting into, because you mentioned something very, very important, specifically in that area in Texas.

But other areas have other different things that you may need to watch for. So understanding the area, even the loss of that specific city, county, whatever it is, you're going to be, they have certain requirements.

You know, I've found in some areas in Ohio, that certain areas have something that is called a POS, which is a point of sale. And that means that every time that you list a property, the city will come and inspect and tells you what to fix, and you cannot sell the property until the deficit is fixed. That puts a big, big cost that, you know, sometimes they're very unreasonable. So you really have to watch for that. And they could really ruin whatever you already budgeted for. If you have to redo driveways, for example, that becomes very costly. And there's nothing you can do because the city is dictating that scope of work.

So those things, you really need to be aware of the laws that are in that area that you want to flip the type of properties. And obviously what is required by the market, because if you over improve or under improve is not going to give you the right amount of money.

In addition, an important point is understanding the neighborhood.

So all of that is in my course. And that's why I said to people really investing yourself in right now more than ever, that things are tighter and tighter. Therefore you have to have more knowledge in order to be successful.



And you specifically target women.


Yeah, so that is how I started because my target market, Mostly in my wealth advisor business,

it's mostly for people that have transitioned, and most of the people that I have as clients are people that were divorced, and they just didn't know what to do.

And that's how I started learning that now women are actually taking over the finances in the household. And it is because first, if you don't know about this in insurance for insurance premiums, usually insurance for women, it's cheaper than for men. The reason is that statistically men live less time than women. 

So for all those ladies that are listening to it, if you're not managing the finances on the house, at some point you will so the better you start knowing what it's going on, the better off you're going to be because then you have time to make some changes and understand what is going on.


A lot of people that are listening are, are right brained, right? They're creative, they're healers, they are, you know, are thinking and colors and things like that where as you know, even though we were born that way, we got into something more technical. And so we had to balance the two sides. So the thing is to not be afraid of it, because the tech, the technical number thing can be learned. And with all of the computer programs that are available, you just plug things in and let them go.


Exactly. So you know, for the people that are listening that are like you said, right brained, mostly, they are very afraid of looking at numbers, and they get overwhelmed. And I'm going to tell you, please just take that away, because there's so many things. And so many people that can not help you. Don't be afraid to do it.

If you don't learn to take care of your finances today, it's going to catch up.

So you really need to take a look at your finances, organize your money, take a look at how you're investing because Investing is for the long term, you don't want to wait until later to get started. The reason it's called investing is for that reason, because it's long term planning. So the sooner you can look at it, you can either find a financial advisor or a wealth advisor, somebody that you trust, that is going to help you organize this thing. It doesn't have to be difficult. So believe me, it is not difficult. I do help a lot of women, I find that that women are very right brained. And I do it in a very, very easy manner. So it's not overwhelming. And I help every step of the way. So they can get themselves organized. Because it pays off


for sure. Yes, it does. Awesome Araceli. So for people to connect to Araceli, you can learn about her at her website era, where you can learn about her. And you can sign up for her super awesome, highly informative free training at HTTPS://

And you will get an easy to follow blueprint for real estate investing. So you can then figure out decide whether it's for you and she is offering this for free. And it will all be in the show notes. So check out the show notes. 

Araceli, it has been a total delight having you on the show and letting you describe how it's not that hard to you know if you know, if you have the right steps plotted out in front of you, it's not that hard following it step by step to really invest in in the investing as in yourself, right. So you don't end up in in dire straits. I know for me my real estate experience, like most of my wealth has come from real estate. Like every time I sold a house, I got more money. I've bought and sold 14 or 15 houses at this point in my life. So it has really grown my wealth.


That is the best vehicle that I have found that could provide easy cash while you see in a manner of speaking but you still have to go through the process. But there's chunks of money that you can get every time that you flip a house. Or you can get continuous money when you rent a property as well as cash flow.

And that helps quite a bit for people that are looking to supplement their retirement income. Lots of things that you could do is very flexible. So and I really appreciate you having me here. Thank you so much, Anastasia for doing this show. I think it's incredible for people to learn more about what you do, which is fascinating. 


You're most welcome. So thank you for listening to scientific healing and for our wonderful guest Araceli Hernandez you can sign up for her free training again at

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Standout Quotes:

  • "There are amazing women that are totally amazing at what they do but are afraid of creating wealth or working with real estate." 
  • "The biggest lesson for being an entrepreneur is that you need to be more disciplined than when you are working for somebody else." Araceli quote 
  • "In healing, the most important thing is getting aligned with your inner self."  "If you are prepared the right way before you invest in real estate, you have a much better chance of making it profitable." Araceli quote 
  • "You can't just buy any old dumpy property and expect that it's going to work."  "Right now, in real estate, the profits have been shrinking, which is why preparation is key." Araceli quote 
  • "In real estate, because of the varying local laws, you have to have more knowledge than you might think in order to be successful." Araceli quote 

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