Why you attract the same type of partner, man or woman: how to heal to have healthy relationships

Today, you will hear why people choose the same type of love relationship over and over. You also discover how to heal repeating relationship patterns and prepare yourself for healthy relationships.

It’s no accident that you repeat the same relationship pattern over and over.  It’s not just what you’re attracted to, but it is also what you’re attracting.  People transmit on a specific emotional frequency, it attracts a certain type of person. These are the reason why you attract the same sort of partner repeatedly.

  1.  Your inherited energetic patterns, now known as epigenetics, include tendencies towards certain behaviors. Do you have a trigger temper, a tendency towards depression, or destructive behavior or are you naturally happy or high?
  2. Your early childhood relationships could have led to you having low energy emotions, like fear, shame, or anger.  Each emotion trapped in your body has its own effect on your personal frequency.
  3. Your upbringing leads to societal, religious, and community beliefs. The emotions you feel when you are subjected to these values, behaviors, and beliefs further determine your frequencies. 

How can you achieve Healthy Relationships? What are the ways to begin changing your old patterns? How you can heal?

You can break old patterns. Realize this: the more you’ve done something, felt something, or thought about something, the stronger those neural connections are.  This makes them harder to break.

You might not know what a healthy relationship looks or feels like.  You may be so used to drama, anything healthy would feel boring. Great relationships aren’t boring, they’re just drama-free.  There is no adrenaline rush due to danger.

Here are the ways to do this:

  1. Take care of yourself. Don’t deny yourself things that you need, like new clothes, a massage, or a manicure.
  2. Use cord-cutting to release guilt and other low-energy emotions during this phase of your healing. Anger, loneliness or frustration can also be dropped off your body. Practice forgiving yourself.
  3. Make sure your basic physical needs are met, like plenty of water, sleep, and gentle exercise. You can also download healing audio to help you get centered and grounded. https://scientifichealer.com/wakeupbrain .

Standout Quotes:

  • “It’s no accident that you repeat the same relationship pattern over and over.”
  • “There are two components of any relationship: you and the other person.”
  • “Your upbringing leads to societal, religious, and community beliefs, which brings on an energetic pattern of its own.”
  • “Each emotion that’s trapped in your body has its own effect on your personal frequency.”
  • “You might not know what a healthy relationship looks or feels like. You may be so used to the drama that anything healthy would feel boring.”
  • “Guilt is a very low-frequency emotion,; you want to let it go.”
  •  “It's light that gets reradiated off your body after you absorb it.”
  •  “Emotions that you feel when you're subjected to these values, behaviors and beliefs, furthers determines your frequencies.”
  •  “It will attract not who you are, but who you're being and right at that moment.”
  •  “It's not that time heals all wounds, you have to be proactive at it.”
  •  “Neglecting yourself like that is not doing yourself any favor because you're not honoring yourself.”

Key Takeaways:

  • People transmit on a personal frequency, and it attracts a particular type of person. These are backed up by measurements of what you radiate as either bio-electric or bio-photonic energy.
  • If you are content, healthy, living happy, and living with a purpose, you radiate at a much higher frequency than if you’re sick or depressed.
  • The relationships with your parents and other important figures in your life can influence your frequency.
  • The emotions that you feel when subjected to certain values, behaviors, and beliefs determine your frequency.
  • Great relationships are not boring. They’re just drama-free. The feeling of “boredom” in the relationship may come from the fact that there is no adrenaline rush due to drama and danger.
  •  Your relationship actually centralizes around you.
  •  The layers, you your immediate relationships, and your society, your community, your country, wherever you're from, they add up to what you are going to be radiating, and this is what you will be attracting.
  •  Start taking care of yourself and stop the guilty thoughts in their track because guilt is a very low frequency, emotion and you want to let it go.

Episode Timeline

[00:00] Repeating the Same Relationships

[1:03] What You Radiate
[02:17] The Two Components of Relationships
[05:04] How early Childhood Relationships Lead to Low Energy Emotions
[06:02] The Layers of Healing
[09:58] Main Reasons Why You Want to Wait and Heal from a Relationship
[11:51] How to Start the Healing Process
[15:20] The Repeat Offender

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