Attract the ideal healing client with marketing tips from Meliss Jakubovic

Hear some great tips about helping you receive what your services are worth rather than getting sadly underpaid: Marketing tips for healers with Meliss Jakubovic.

Today, you’ll discover some great tips about helping you receive what your services are worth rather than getting sadly underpaid. My guest is Meliss Jakubovic, who’s know as the known as the Lead Generation Genie. She helps people like you market online “organically” and helps healers and coaches grow their business. She also hosts a podcast called Marketing Tips with Meliss.

I’ll bet there’s a lot of valuable information for you to listen to. . She helps her clients to fill their 1:1 calendar and/or transition them from seeing one on one clients to offering group programs. Today, Mellis shares all about her insights in connecting between knowing how and who you want to serve.

Standout Quotes from Meliss Jakubovic

  • “Entrepreneurs are the innovators, the creatives. When we feel that there is a need for something, that’s when we jump in and take advantage of it.”
  • “You should have a great balance of both feminine and masculine energy, and then your business starts to thrive.”
  • “It doesn’t work is when you don’t show up, you don’t put it to action, you don’t do the things that are needed to do to get to that next stage.”
  • “You have one person in the group who is an energy vampire, it actually brings the vibration down of everyone in the group, and it hurts their experience.”
  • “You have to have a following, you have to know exactly what your target market wants.”
  •  “When we feel that there's a need for something, that's when we jump in and take advantage of it.”
  •  “We need to be visible because what we have to offer is so amazing.”
  •  “Sometimes people slip through the cracks, or they don't show their true colors right at the beginning.”
  •  “The only way to have a following is to spend time building relationships and providing value or spend a lot of money on ads.”

Key Marketing Takeaways from Meliss

  • Meliss started a health coaching company, which morphed into a health and life coaching company. She helps clients to come up with the foundational marketing systems they need in their business.
  • Meliss reveals that she picks and choose who she wants to work with, she does not just offer her service to everyone.
  • Hard case would be claiming victim mode, someone who doesn’t value my expertise after they’ve hired me, someone who is not coachable, someone who doesn’t pay on time.
  • Even if you’re struggling for money, you should not work with people that are not a good fit.
  • You must have a following. And the only way to have a following is to spend time building relationships and providing value or spend a lot of money on ads.
  • Organic Relationship Building is the most powerful way to go especially because it doesn’t cost any money.
  •  Meliss' healer and coaching buddies enquired as to how she accomplished this feat. They asked her for assistance and then began dabbling in marketing for their enterprises, which took off. Meliss discovered she adored the marketing aspect of it.
  •  Suppose someone is not a good fit for you. In that case, you can still be helpful by suggesting that they read this book, join this community, or connect with one of Meliss' colleagues, rather than you attempting to fit yourself into a mold that does not work. It will be problematic every time you connect with this person.
  •  Before creating any package, program, or online course, ask your existing and previous clients what they specifically require. That is what you should produce and ensure you have a following to share it with others because it is not enough to design a course and hope that people will find it and purchase it; you must have a strategy and a plan in place before you execute.

Episode Timeline:

  • [02:23] Meet today’s guest “Meliss Jakubovic.”
  • [03:15] Helping Circles of Relationships


    [04:22] Entrepreneurs as Innovative and Creative

  • [5:10] Being Visible on Social Media
  • [5:36] Meliss usual duties and task
  • [06:03] The Energy Balance

  • [7:27] Tough Case Encounter
  • [07:54] The Process of Meeting Clients

  • [10:38] Choosing your Client
  • [11:57]Redirection for the clients
  • [12:25] Action Tip for new launch program
  • [12:40] Right Mindset, Wrong Actions

  • [14:28] Helpful content generator
  • [15:41] Target Market
  • [17:03] Where can people find you and connect with you?

For people to connect with Meliss go to where you’ll learn about her but also find her free gift, at or “5 reasons why your content isn’t converting and what to do about it.” or to say it another way, attracting paying clients to you, you’ll also find this information in the show notes.

Meliss also does informative webinars for helping you build your business.

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