Heal your house with Jeff Stegman and Clayten Stedmann

Your environment is as important for helping your health, wealth and relationships as it is for your well being.  

Your environment contains the energies of those that live in it, those that lived in it before and those that visit it, past and present, whether they are on the physical plane or otherwise. You may have heard of techniques to clear your environment such as smudging, putting salt and water in bowls around your house, Feng Shui, or chanting “om”. Those are all good practices, but there is another way that Jeff and Clayten developed to send high frequency Focused Life Force Energy to your home or business.

I have to admit when I first read about and heard about this, I was really confused. What did they mean, they could do this, how did they do it, what was the mechanism. The more I conversed with them and the more I heard, the more I understood. The subtle energies that we send out as people, get radiated out. It contains our thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions, words we think, and everything else about us. Everything around us absorbs it, whether it’s your furniture or people. They have captured a high frequency version and send it to a property to neutralize the low frequencies and heal your home by elevating its energy. Sound weird? It did to me until I got to know more in detail and try it out for myself.

Standout Quotes:

  •  “The big change in the world needs to happen where the power is. And the power in this day and age, for better for worse is in business."
  •  “The best kept secrets in business is if you’re spiritual life is in order, your business will more likely be abundant.”
  •  “Healing your environment and in the body will follow.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Jeff and Clayten had worked together for many years on raising consciousness personally.
  •  Jeff focused on how to raise your consciousness and various ways to do it, whether it's Hemi sync or various meditation techniques.
  •  Clayten has been in the education and training field now for over 30 years.
  •  Clayten worked for an entrepreneurial training organization that helped people start business businesses, and we started 250 businesses.
  •  Focus lifeforce energy is the technology that creates a field that would harvest and focus, concentrate and focus, these lifeforce energies, these available energies.
  •  This focused area programs or instructions that would act upon location, we realized there was a breakthrough that we could put legal address into these programs.
  •  More energy and people can connect to that positive energy and the associated with an assumption that there must have been a redecoration or some kind of change.
  •  There's three programs that are running 1000 million times a second.
  •  The first one is the cleansing program, and then we have an energizing program. Lastly is smudging your place every day or Anastasia talked about some techniques earlier about how to raise the consciousness of your home.

Episode Timeline:

[02:32] Jeff and Clayton Union

[03:03] About Jeff

[04:20] About Clayton

[09:45] Focus Lifeforce Energy

[17:14] Focus Lifeforce Energy for Clients

[20:15] Different Methods

[23:12] Your Environment

[25:21] Starting Feng Shui

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