Heal Your House and You, Too

The last time you heard from the Focused Life Force Energy folks, Jeff Stegman and Clayten Stedmann, they introduced the concept that their technology could help heal your environment and house from energies that were left or sent by others, that the low energy vibrations that can resonate in your house or body could be transformed by their technology.

They have continued to update and improve their technology to include physical healing transformations. I had another delightful conversation with them about it and I invite you to hear how your life, health and environment can be supported using high frequency life force energy. Sounds a little out there, but in physics, all this means is that your vibrational frequency improves, which helps you become healthier and more joyful. Listen in to find out more.

Standout Quotes:

  •  "When you record things, you can record the positive energy."
  •  “One of the assumptions we made was that to have the immune system optimized would be for people to never have any form of illness.”
  •  “Work isn't done unless energy is exchanged.”
  •  “The movement is the body to be free of pain, to work, work well, to be highly functional, and to be adaptable.”
  •  “What people will do to avoid pain would be basically avoid their life.”
  •  “The more value in the more than we can do, the more people will stay and benefit.”
  •  “The more healthy we can be and the more that we can raise our own individual consciousness, the more that it helps the whole planet.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Clayten's consciousness coached Jeff. Clayten learned about Jeff's capacity to measure utilizing Kinesiology and Dr. David Hawkins' map of consciousness scale when working with clients. They became friends and created a technique that resembled Tesla's work with high-speed alternating current in many aspects.
  •  Jeff and Clayten devised a way to focus federal energies and current lifeforce energies on a specified spot. Then they execute their methods and see a substantial difference in a home or business.
  •  The big aim in enhancing a property's consciousness is to create optimal settings for human evolution, and your health can either be a hindrance or a strength.
  •  Jeff and Clayten set out to provide the best conditions for healing and health in a home environment. They created a series of health-related programs, but their research revealed that they were standard restraints on people.
  •  Acupressure-like anti-stagnation produced perfect circumstances for the body to flow subtle energies to all meridians. And to all the organs and sites in the body to clear any obstructions.
  •  The anti-stagnation was vital to get the body entirely focused, like for its energy and the environment as a house or business, because there's so much more energy accessible, but you need to move it through the body because the body takes it up and transfers it as blocks, which is crucial.
  •  Jeff and Clayten employ Connect kinesiology to test the immune system's operational efficiency and look at how to establish the right environment for the body to be fully functioning and immune response.
  •  Temporary diseases are suitable for the body because they boost its natural intelligence, manifest as resistance to viruses and bacteria.
  •  If your body is pain-free and functioning correctly, you can accomplish more. You may focus on what has to be done without continually striving to be comfortable or do things to adjust to the pain.
  •  The desire for sugar seemed to have subsided. The body appears to self-regulate into that optimal or underlying health best for the body and its intrinsic wisdom to achieve that. It is prevalent to folks who have been on the GI tract optimization program for a more extended period.

Episode Timeline:

[02:43] The Guest Speakers: Jeff and Clayten Stegman

[03:35] The Device

[05:32] The Diamond Healing Radio

[06:10] Recording: Absorbing Positive Energies

[07:30] Raising Consciousness

[08:21] The Anti Stagnation

[09:22] Acupuncture

[11:19] The Grounding

[12:42] The Immune System

[18:21] Monetization over Benefits

[21:00] The Public's General Interest

[23:02] Detoxifying the GI tract

[23:59] Pain

[25:47] GI tract optimization

[26:21] Program Subscription

[28:47] Premium: Perks and Upgrades

[30:43] Raise your Frequency

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