4 Tips to improve your muscle testing technique – muscle test on yourself

In this video, you’ll see what to do if your muscle testing doesn’t work. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of muscle testing, but there is a scientific basis for it.

There is research that even shows body posture and your stress hormone levels are directly connected. Many people fail to get accurate results with muscle testing and despite trying these 4 tips in this video, still won’t.

But for the vast majority, following the 4 tips in this video will improve accuracy and help you gain more confidence.

Watch the muscle testing video here.

Standout Quotes:

  •  “The thing that I tell my students and clients, especially students who are learning how to do the muscle testing is that in order to correct a problem, you have to know that it's there.”
  •  “You just can't start muscle testing and expect it to always be the right answer.”

Key Takeaways:

  •  Muscle testing is a way into your subconscious.
  •  Hydrate yourself in the morning because if you're dehydrated, you could get the wrong answer.
  •  Shake your hands out and it will clean everything up.
  •  Getting neutral to whether the answer is yes or no will help you solve the problem.
  •  Make sure you're grounded in your body.
  •  There are thousands of openings in which we absorb energy from the outside. And we also exude energy from the inside. That's what makes that energy field that's around us.

Episode Timeline:

[0:49] Muscle testing

[1:53] Several reasons and how to correct for what's going wrong

[4:20] Few mental issues that could keep you blocked

[7:07] Be neutral

[9:43] Use a muscle test to see how open you are

[14:01] Aura spray

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